This Online Community Is Dedicated To The Absolute Worst Hairstyles And Here’s 81 Of Its Best Posts

This Online Community Is Dedicated To The Absolute Worst Hairstyles And Here’s 81 Of Its Best Posts

“Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! People can't see me like this. My own mother won't recognize me.” Chances are, nearly all of us have felt like this after a horrendous haircut. Whether by the will of a newbie/hungover/angry hairstylist or by your own clumsy hands at home, you've ended up massacring your hairdo. And now you can't leave home out of shame. (Which is kind of alright what with the global pandemic, lockdowns, and all.)

There's a hilarious subreddit called ‘Just Eff My Crap Up' (paraphrasing their name a bit; can you guess what their real name is?) that collects the most unfortunate, badly done haircuts on the net. Check out some of the best examples of what not to do to your hair below and remember to upvote the pics that made your hair follicles tingle as you scroll down.

Getting a bad haircut is easy enough. But we wanted to learn what it takes to create a great haircut both at home and by the hands of a capable barber, so we reached out to Giuliano Dore, co-founder of 'Get Groomed.' "The main difference between avant-garde and plain bad for a haircut is the focus on details and the whole idea behind the haircut. You would think that haircuts like the bowl cut are never gonna be trendy. Wrong. It’s happening and thanks to extremely talented hairstylists, we see a lot of hipsters rocking a very fashionable bowl. It’s all about pattern, symmetry, and (sometimes) controlled asymmetry. If I see patchy haircuts, holes or broken hairlines, I am gonna assume the worst," he told Bored Panda. Read on for the full interview.

#1 Saw This On Youtube Rn Haha

Image credits: madihuurr

#2 So For A Good Week Now My Friend Has Been Asking Me To Cut Her Hair For Her... No Idea Where She Got The Idea That I Wouldn’t Screw This Up. I Finally Went To Do It And This Was The Result. Sad Things, I Really Did Try! I’m Not A Hairdresser! I Feel Awful Though... Hope We’re Still Friends

Image credits: ArtemisFoxx

#3 I Paid $50 For This Haircut

Image credits: ImBobKazamakis

Giuliano also gave Bored Panda some advice about cutting our hair at home. And what with the pandemic still going on, chances are, some of us are going to be making our second attempts at quarantine haircuts soon.

"If you want to cut your own hair at home, go with a safe option. Same-level buzz cuts are a safe choice. Home is not the place for challenging haircuts. For example, attempting a 0 to 2 high skin fade by yourself is not gonna work. Even professional barbers don’t do it themselves. I know this because they book each other on our app," Giuliano explained that simplicity is best when you're working on your hair at home.

"Being able to cut just based on the reflection of a mirror takes a whole new level of 4D chess and not everyone is ready for the challenge. I would also avoid sharp tools like razor blades. It’s absolutely possible to rock a very decent hairline without using razor blades at home. Clippers are your friends."

#4 Tried To Do A Homemade Bowl Cut

Image credits: hepdaddio

#5 The Straw Is The Icing On The Cake

Image credits: Leo_Remos

#6 This Is A Sponsored Ad, Wow What A Fringe

Image credits: Nightmancometh000

The co-founder of 'Get Groomed' also opened up about how the pandemic affected their business. For instance, they stopped all of their office-based barbering events back in March 2020. And they haven't restarted them as of yet.

"We saw a surge in home-based bookings since the first UK lockdown. I believe people don’t want to go to crowded barbershop at the moment and it’s very visible in our data. People are also more concerned about hygiene and frequently ask questions about our methodology, if the barber is coming with PPE, etc. We are making sure that our barbers are fully PPE equipped and that they clean their tools between bookings."

#7 When You Ask For A Line But The Barber Gives You An Entire Highway

Image credits: instilledbee

#8 I Asked To Have It Edged Up So My Bangs Would Be Straight. Proceeded To Cut All My Bangs Off And My Entire Widows Peak. White Guy At A Black Barbershop Problems.

Image credits: jburna_dnm

#9 A New Species Of Neck Beard

Image credits: MrFlippynip

 The 'Just Eff My Crap Up' subreddit has over 751k members and it will be celebrating its 6th birthday on 17 December. Be sure to give them a visit. We hear they're friendly and know a thing or two about artsy and avant-garde hairdos.

The subreddit obviously got their name from a legendary meme that's known as ‘Just Eff My Crap Up,' ‘Just Eff Me Up,' ‘JUST,' as well as ‘The Barber.' The memo's all about botched (or, depending on your point of view, incredibly brave) haircuts and imagined conversations between customers and their barbers.

“Just a bit off the sides?” the barber might ask. “Nah, just eff my crap up,” the customer would supposedly say to get their atrocious hairstyles that mock everything that is fair and beautiful in this world.

#10 A 70 Billion Dollar Haircut

Image credits: raconteuring

#11 I Bet It’s Enchanting To Watch Him Talk.

Image credits: karamaje

#12 Just Give Me That Microphone Head

Image credits: FrogTeam_5

‘Know Your Meme' explains that the earliest known example of this joke (in a slightly different form) was done by none other than Zach Galifianakis back in 2006 during his comedy special, ‘Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Ocean.'

“When you look like I do, it's hard to get a table for one at Chuck E Cheese. I went to my stylist today and she said, ‘What are you looking for?' and I told her, ‘Just give me the Amber Alert,' he joked.

From there, the meme spread in bursts and sprints. In 2012, Miley Cyrus became the butt of rapper Tyler, The Creator's mocking tweet about her new haircut. He joked that Cyrus asked her hairstylist to ‘eff her up real quick.' And in case you were curious, Cyrus insulted Tyler's face in response. The meme solidified its hold in popular culture in 2014 when it spread on Twitter and Reddit. Almost exactly at the same time that the ‘Eff My Crap Up' subreddit was born.

#13 My 10th Grade Year Book Picture

Image credits: makemypenisworkagain

#14 I Paid 300$ To Get My Curly Hair Managed.

Image credits: thisdoescompute

#15 I Like Any Haircut That Makes An Ear The Central Area Of Focus

Image credits: sweet_potato_75

#16 She Blended Them In Well.

Image credits: welshie123

#17 Russian Politician Valentina Petrenko

Image credits: garbanzoboy

#18 Give Me The Reverse Dad

Image credits: Xyeeyx

#19 The Combover To End All Combovers.

Image credits: DemonicSquid

#20 I Want To Die A Virgin. Say No More

Image credits:

#21 What My Sister Got vs. What She Asked For...

Image credits: k90de

#22 Not A Comb-Over, A Comb-Forward? On A Pottery Show In The UK

Image credits: amyiscapable

#23 The Years Have Been Rough For Bart Simpson

Image credits: poodlecon

#24 Give Me The “My 5 Year Old Just Learned How To Cut Bangs”

Image credits: pm_me_your_napkin

#25 No Words Needed

Image credits: Haleyshigh

#26 This Dude Is Running For Schoolboard In My Town. Got A Flyer In The Mail With This Pic And Almost Spit My Drink Out

Image credits: StrangeElk

#27 I’m Struggling To Find The Words To Describe How Awful This Looks.

Image credits: KrissiKross

#28 Omfg My Friend's Brother Just Got A Fidget Spinner Haircut

Image credits: PinelyYT

#29 Give Me That Future White Collar Criminal

Image credits: Catspiracy

#30 "I Need The Worst Possible Style For My Head Shape." "I Got You Fam."

Image credits: satchelmouthswing

#31 The Helmet

Image credits: WeTheBills

#32 This Picture Made Me Scream What The Fuck

Image credits:

#33 Gimme That 'Thinning Hair In A Rainstorm' Look

Image credits: logangrey123

#34 He’s Hungry

Image credits: elishiamae

#35 You Bouta Get All The Pussy Fam

Image credits: JODIELOWOLLER

#36 How Do I Let Everyone To Know I Have Dreads?

Image credits: nonametogive

#37 "You Seen That Episode With Doofus Rick?"

Image credits: todayIwillHam

#38 This Man Is A Legend

Image credits: ChockBox

#39 I Don't Even Have A Joke To Make For These

Image credits: Kwykr

#40 Gimme That Straw Basket Look

Image credits: dre10g

#41 ... And The Absolute Winner Of All Time Is...

Image credits: BeardofSapolsky

#42 Her Ponytail Is Extensions Linked To Her Actual Head Of Hair Through A Ring/Hoop/Chain...

Image credits: rosegoldlannister

#43 Here Is Another Judge Judy Participant.

Image credits: charlieboyx

#44 Spotted On Instagram

Image credits: likeamoth

#45 The Haircut That All Blizzard Esports Casters And Pros Are Now Required To Get.

Image credits: gojirra

#46 My Soldier Said I Could Post This As Long As I Get Up Votes.. Well I Dont Wanna Disappoint The Kid.

Image credits: ItsBaca

#47 In The Window Of A Hairsalon.

Image credits:

#48 Why

Image credits: MemesBoiVEVO

#49 "You Know What A Ballsa-" "Say No More"

Image credits: adamsappol

#50 Give Me That "If Dubstep Were A Haircut" Look.

Image credits: AmorphicMike

#51 What Happens When You Actually Speak To The Manager

Image credits: thatmichaelguy

#52 My Husband Can Fuck His Own Shit Up, Thank You Very Much!

Image credits: elisabeta2k6

#53 Guess I Have To Fuck My Own Shit Up In These Quarantined Times

Image credits: bymyhandsorwithfire

#54 I Asked For A High Fade, And To Even Out The Top. This Is What I Got...

Image credits: eddiecasillas

#55 Sheldon Adelson, Worth 31.6 Billion Dollars, CEO Of The World's 8th Biggest Casino Company, Las Vegas Sands

Image credits: dominic_hermoso

#56 Miley Going For That Classic Simple Jack Look

Image credits: _LordQ

#57 You Ever Seen A Youtube Video? Say No More Fam

Image credits: sugwhite

#58 Do Beard Transplants Count?

Image credits: Phanta5mag0ria

#59 He Needs To Go Back To Jail

Image credits:

#60 My Clipper Died About 30 Seconds Into Shaving My Head ...

Image credits: Tod_Vom_Himmel

#61 Found This

Image credits: prodbydclxvi

#62 Found This Rapper Guy That Stole My Brothers Look Back In 2009!

Image credits: tlmcc

#63 “You Know How Your Pencil Eraser Looks After You Finish The Sat?”

Image credits: _qt314bot

#64 When Your Company Has A Strict No Beard Policy....but It Doesn't Say Anything A About A Neckbeard

Image credits:

#65 From Homeless Person To Child Predator

Image credits: VillaFarris

#66 So, I Got My Hands On My Dad’s Senior Prom Picture.

Image credits: popcornpopp

#67 Gimme That Simple Jack Bang Look.

Image credits: hootenannyshenanigan

#68 Random Man Being Interviewed In Wisconsin Today

Image credits: dabuku1

#69 Bird Nest Fam

Image credits: cokesteel55

#70 They Gave Him The Hut

Image credits: ThElephantKiller

#71 Dj Khaled Legit Looks Like A Completely Hairless Dude In Costume On His Way To A 70s-Themed Halloween Party

Image credits: DoNotRegurgitate

#72 New Barber Left Me With A Hard Part Moses Would Be Satisfied With

Image credits: Kontemporary

#73 The Quarantine Fade?

Image credits: leftyjoe7

#74 Straight Hair + Bike Helmet = Asian Cornrows

Image credits: mrdinero

#75 Lost A Bet, And In Turn My Friends Cut My Hair. They Called It The “Bowllet” (Bowl Cut Mullet). I Thought This Sub Would Appreciate It In All Its Glory.

Image credits: t97brandt

#76 I Hate Seeing Kids Getting Forced Into Having Their Hair Cut. He Clearly Doesnt Like This

Image credits: fafnirchandesu

#77 The Hairdresser Had “No Idea” How This Happened.

Image credits: kitkat354

#78 Back To 1979 And 1980

Image credits: projectsandman

#79 Mushroom Cloud

Image credits: Retired_Young

#80 3 Going On 50 And Divorced

Image credits: snoopal00p

#81 When Your Transformation Is Complete But You Have To Get Downtown

Image credits: buzznights