Trevor Noah Gets Real On Mail-In Ballots, Shares Tips To Ensure Votes Count In Presidential Election

Trevor Noah Gets Real On Mail-In Ballots, Shares Tips To Ensure Votes Count In Presidential Election

With the first night of the debates between President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden finally underway, the 2020 presidential election isn’t getting any further. However, before election day, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah took time to educate viewers on how they can ensure their vote counts for the general election.

The mail-in ballot system is far from perfect, Noah said on Tuesday night, but it’s one way Americans can make sure they’re practicing their civic duty while staying safe from COVID-19 exposure.

“That doesn’t mean America doesn’t have problems with mail-in voting at all, it’s not fraud,” he said, contradicting Trump’s multiple claims that mail-in voting will cause election fraud. He went on to say that voters should be wary of “all the little things that could get your vote thrown out.”

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His segment then went on to feature clips of news stories reporting that simple human errors were the cause of invalid votes. From voters failing to read instructions thoroughly or forgetting to sign their ballots, there are many simple, yet dangerous reasons votes aren’t counted as they should be.

However, it’s not just citizens that are to blame, but the government, too.

Noah also brought attention to how local governments have sent voters incorrect voting registration information and ballots, which have led to confusion and eventually lost votes.

“Man can you imagine that your vote doesn’t count because the government messed up your ballot? Thats why we have to vote for a better government but, you can’t bc they messed up with your ballot,” he pointed out. “It’s the perfect crime.”

While it’s understandable to feel a bit of concern after hearing about the errors that can occur with mail-in voting, both on the voters’ and the governments’ sides, Noah reassured viewers that with the correct precautions, their votes will count.

He urged those concerned about interference to vote early in-person if possible and if safe. The Daily Show segment came to an end the show’s staff, including Jaboukie Young-White and Dulce Sloan, explaining the do’s and don’ts of mail-in voting.

Watch the entire Daily Show segment above.