Unsolved Case Behind Netflix’s Upcoming True Crime ‘Lost Girls’ Just Got New Evidence

Unsolved Case Behind Netflix’s Upcoming True Crime ‘Lost Girls’ Just Got New Evidence

With Netflix continuing to be the hub for all things true crime, it should come as no surprise that the streaming service is dropping a brand new series based on an unsolved missing person case.

The new series is an adaptation of a non-fiction book by the name of Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery — which itself was based on a story written in New York Magazine.

Shannan Gilbert, seen in an undated photo provided by the Gilbert family's attorney, had vanished in 2010.Shannan Gilbert / Credit: Mari Gilbert

The series follows a distressed mother named Mari Gilbert, as she continues to push the police into helping find her missing daughter, Shannan. However, during the process of their investigation, they shed light on a Long Island serial killer, uncovering deaths of sex workers that they begin to assume is at the hands of the suspect.

In 2020, the case is still unsolved and the murderer is believed to be behind deaths of over 20 women, whose bodies were found scattered over Ocean Parkway.

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However, new evidence was brought to light on January 16 about the murders surrounding the women. Suffolk Country Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart held a news conference Thursday to present what the agency called a “previously undisclosed piece of evidence” in the Gilgo Beach murders

“This investigation is perhaps the most well-known and most complex that our department has seen,” Hart said before introducing evidence which, until this week, was not released to the public. “A black leather belt found on the site, we believe, was from the suspect … not the victims.”

The belt turned up at one of the crime scenes and is embossed with two letters, either WH or HM. Hart also noted that Suffolk Country Police had opened up their own website for any information, or tips that the public may have regarding the case.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver justice and in doing so give a sense of closure,” Hart said.

Lost Girls will be available to stream on Netflix from March 13.

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