vlogger’s drone captures unusual activity near a kid swimming in the Bahamas compelling him to act immediately

vlogger’s drone captures unusual activity near a kid swimming in the Bahamas compelling him to act immediately
Going on a beach is the prettiest feeling in the world. You fantasize about having a romantic moment there. Cool winds, your hair all flared out, sunset and silly talks, well, that’s all a person imagines while going on a romantic vacation on a beach. Nevertheless, you get to see many couples coming there along with their children to chill. Sometimes, those kids wreak havoc if left alone near the water. Here is a story of a man named Artem Tkachenko who managed to bring a kid back to the shore, though, the condition was not that pleasing.
Youtube Sensation

With millions of likes on videos and pictures along with a good number of followers on other accounts, Artem Tkachenko is a youtube sensation in the making. His passion for exploring new places made him visit many of the places that later became a tourist destination. For the people who love to explore scenic beauty, Artem Tkachenko’s account would help them to find new places.
The Lens

For Artem, the world revolves around his lens of the camera. He used to capture the moment so that he could revive the feeling all over again whenever he looked at the pictures he clicked so far. He loved to capture the moments and freeze the time there and then.
Planned Trip?

On one fine day, Artem and his friends decided to go on a beach to make a video blog. Like any other trip, he did not think twice and readily agreed to what his friends planned. They all checked the first flight to the Bahamas and booked it.
The Bahamas

It took them 4 hours to reach the Bahamas via airplane. On reaching the country, without wasting a single minute, they headed towards the beachside so that they could not lose any single moment of the sunset. It was just the waves and the sunset that fascinated those friends to visit the beach during the evening. Back To Hotel

That group of friends did not even wet their toes there. All they did was to appreciate the natural beauty and expressed their wish to stay there forever. After watching the sun setting down, they all went back to their hotel.
Waiting For Food

While waiting for their food, the group talked about their childhood. They included past events that made them nostalgic. One by one, they all discussed their stories and current life. It was only Artem who stood up and shouted at the top of his voice, “past cannot be undone”.