Watch Ant Anstead Crash Wife Christina’s Baby Shower — and Answer Whether He’d Want Another Baby

Watch Ant Anstead Crash Wife Christina’s Baby Shower — and Answer Whether He’d Want Another Baby

Ant Anstead is an open book when it comes to his feelings for his wife Christina — and he’s not afraid to let their friends and family know about his hopes for their future together. 

In an exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of Christina on the Coast, the father of three speaks his mind after crashing his wife’s baby shower, where he walks in on a big group of women chatting and dining al fresco. The shower is for the HGTV star’s third child — and first with Ant — Hudson London, who is now four months old

“This is like my idea of torture,” Ant jokes as he strides up to the women, a bouquet of flowers in hand and a kiss ready for Christina. He takes a seat at the table between Christina’s two kids, Brayden James, 4, and Taylor Reese, 9, whom she shares with ex Tarek El Moussa.

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“You came here just in time, we’re playing a game,” a friend sitting beside the pregnant star tells him. “And it’s perfect because these questions ask ‘is it Ant, or is it Christina?’” 

The first question posed to the couple was a seemingly obvious one: “Who had the feeling Christina was pregnant first?”

“That’s easy, you,” Ant says, looking at his wife. “Who answered that wrong by the way? You think I woke up one day and was like ‘hmmm?’” he jokes, laughing. 

Taylor then jumps in and asks, “Who will change more diapers?” before quickly answering her own question: “My mom!” 

“Who did you put,” Ant then asks Christina, who says she chose herself. “It’s 100 percent you!” he agrees with a huge smile. 

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Finally, the friend asks: “And who most likely will want another baby?” 

“Not me!” Christina answers, while Taylor screams, “Ant!” Ant agrees with Taylor, raising his hand and sweetly saying, “yeah.” 

Ant soon heads out, but not before giving a short speech to the baby shower attendees: “Friends and family of Christina, thank you so much for always having her back, always looking out for her. I have to say you guys have made me feel very welcome in another country, and you’ve made Christina feel incredibly secure. But on that note, I’m out!” 

On last week’s episode of Christina on the Coast, the home renovation expert gave more insight into her pregnancy journey, chatting with her parents, Paul and Laurie Haack, while watching Ant play soccer. 

“I’m feeling better, I just feel exhausted,” she told them. “But at least I don’t feel nauseous anymore.”

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The week before, the star shared even more of her pregnancy woes, during a barbecue at her new house. Christina and Ant hosted another set of clients, producer Michael Pando, his wife Michelle, and their kids.

Asked by Michael if she’d been stressed about her pregnancy, Christina turned the question on Ant.

“Do I ever complain? Am I ever moody?” she said. Ant cleverly dodged the query: “Not in a chance am I answering that question,” he joked.

Season 2 of Christina on the Coast premiered earlier this month, and will consist of 13 new episodes. The show follows Christina, 36, as she grows her design business and navigates relationships with her friends and family.

In the first season, fans got to see the moment Christina and Ant, who met in November 2017, decided to move in together, and the emotional moment the couple walked into their new house for the first time.

They made things official with a surprise wedding ceremony at their Newport Beach, California, home on Dec. 22, 2018.

Christina on the Coast airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET/PT) on HGTV