What Mercury Leaving His Shadow Phase On December 7th Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

What Mercury Leaving His Shadow Phase On December 7th Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

We all must move through our darkness in order to reach the light.

Life may just seem to feel a bit lighter as Mercury leaves his post-shadow phase on December 7th, creating the feeling that maybe our past really is behind us.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our communications and thoughts. And depending upon which zodiac sign he's transiting through, we will find those areas of our lives affected. But when he turns retrograde — which means he slows and seems to appear to be moving backwards as part of his normal rotation — it means he’s known for causing the most trouble, or at least appearing that way.

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Mercury turns retrograde several times a year, usually three or so times, and during these occurrences, the outdated belief was that we shouldn’t travel, sign contracts, get into new relationships, or make any big purchases around this time. In fact, some astrologers suggested we basically stay in bed and wait out these perhaps tricky times.

However, for most of us, taking an "astrology day" in place of a sick day just isn’t an option. Even if it sounds like it’d be a great idea.

Retrograde for this planet doesn’t have to spell all bad news and can be beneficial. It just depends on our perspective. For Mercury, we’re often asked to review, redo, renew, reevaluate — any of these "re" words that go along with the word retrograde.

But like in astrology, there is a sense of universal fairness or karma that is associated with this transit, meaning that if we experience a difficult period or a chain of unfortunate events, we may have to look no further than our own choices to see the big why of such situations.

No one wants to look in the mirror. No one wants to take responsibility for their own choices, mistakes and even regrets. It’s much easier to look outward, to blame, and to believe that everyone is toxic, rather than turn around and look within.

But this is also the purpose of Mercury retrograde. To not only review certain choices or situations, including breakups or those romantically themed, but to look deeper within our own reasoning and approach to life.

This Mercury retrograde was in the intense water sign of Scorpio, ruler of Pluto, lord of the underworld. Because of this, we’ve been asked to go deeper than we previously have. We’ve been asked to revisit the painful, the awful, the devastating, because within that we’ve been able to bring new levels of healing to ourselves and our lives.

Only when this happens can we make that jump forward and leave behind the past, even if at one point it seemed impossible.

The retrograde period was relatively short this time, lasting only 18 days, about five less than normal. But because Scorpio doesn’t leave any stone unturned, we’ve been feeling as if we’ve been in a Mercury retrograde since he first began his pre-shadow phase back in the beginning of October.

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Since then, it’s been a journey to whatever we’ve been hiding from, whatever we’ve been ignoring, or whatever we had hoped was just getting better on its own — no intervention from us necessary.

During this time, we’ve had the chance to dive deep without fear, to be in the darkness trusting that was where we were meant to be, and to go with the flow even if we couldn’t tell which direction we were guided in. But now, all of that is shifting as we feel the clouds lift and the sun return once again.

Not only have we made it through Mercury retrograde, but we’re also closing out a major chapter in our lives.

We all would love to be able to process and get over something immediately within our lives, especially a breakup. But that’s not how life works. We go through what we’re meant to, wanting to rush it but not realizing it’s that process that will help shape us into the people we’re meant to be.

So, this past Mercury retrograde, we were in the thick of it a bit more. We let ourselves sit in the darkness. We didn’t rush the time or the confusion and instead just trusted.

As we near this date, it’s likely that we had important conversations with lovers during the past two months. Either those that expedited us getting back together or those that brought greater closure to a relationship that was destined to end at some point.

But it’s just as likely that we also forgave ourselves, that we made the hard decision to look in the mirror, and that we were finally able to detach from a storyline we had invested so much of ourselves in. Now, the only thing left to do is anything we want.

Sometimes it can feel a bit like apathy once we’ve healed and we’re no longer holding onto a broken heart or grudges, but rather than judge yourself or even rush to fill it, simply let yourself be. Let yourself enjoy the moment of not having anything wrong — no angst, no chaos — and enjoy that feeling, because it’s one you’ve worked to cultivate.

We’re in a brand new phase romantically and will be ushering in more authentic, deep, long-lasting connections, but there’s no reason to rush this. Enjoy the coming weeks as you realize that weight or chip on your shoulder you carried around for so long is finally gone. Soak up in the freedom you feel because you finally stopped asking yourself why they didn’t choose you.

Everything moves at the pace it’s meant to, and while we had to walk through the darkness, healing and evaluating our lives and loves, we also are finally ready to take that step into the light, to let go of how we thought life would go, and all the pain of expectation we experienced.

Finally, we can just be happy knowing once we’ve learned a lesson, there is no reason to repeat it.

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