Woman Goes Into Labor On Halloween, Only To Have ‘The Joker’ Deliver Her Baby Girl

Woman Goes Into Labor On Halloween, Only To Have ‘The Joker’ Deliver Her Baby Girl

Giving birth on Halloween is more of a treat than trick, but one mother was in for a bit of both. When Brittany Selph arrived at Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, her obstetrician showed up as The Joker. The Selph family had a good sense of humor, and the comic atmosphere helped Brittany take her mind off of the pain. They loved that Dr. Paul Locus remained in costume and character while delivering their baby girl, Oaklyn. Photos shared online of the infamous villain working at the hospital went viral, and gave the Selph family a moment to remember.

An Unexpected Arrival

Mother Brittany Selph wasn’t expecting to give birth to her baby girl, Oaklyn, until November 5th. According to husband Justin Selph, “Brittany woke up Halloween morning to her water leaking.” After the couple dropped their ten-year-old son and four-year-old daughter off at school, they arrived at the Henry County Medical Center by 12:30 pm. When the doctor walked in, the Selph family couldn’t believe their eyes. A very familiar and notorious comic character had entered.

Dr. Paul Locus walked into the hospital room wearing a purple suit, scraggly acid green hair, and “The Joker’s” tell-tale makeup with smeared red lipstick. Instead of being horrified or confused by the doctor’s appearance, the Selph family loved Dr. Locus’s dedication to celebrating Halloween. The doctor offered to change clothes for Brittany’s delivery, but Justin and his wife convinced him to stay in character. Justin took advantage of the moment, “I got on Facebook Live right away and thought this is too good not to video.”

No Joking Around

Seeing is believing on the Internet. Justin’s uploaded Facebook Live video of Dr. Joker received 21,163 views, 84 likes, and 50 comments. Brittany Selph was a good sport about “The Joker” delivering her baby, commenting, “It was a good laugh, it made me feel calm.” Justin added, “He would even talk every once in a while in that Joker voice.”

The story went viral and was shared online, YouTube, Facebook, and media outlets like Today and ABC. One YouTube video covering the couple’s unique Halloween delivery received 198,229 views and 3.9K upvotes. User Yellow Potato responded, “Imagine being delivered by the joker! That would just be awesome!” Another user, Alicia_, commented, “Is Harley Quinn the nurse?”

A Dark Night To Remember

The newest member of the Selph family, Oaklyn Selph, was delivered by the Joker at 8:20 pm, October 31st. Oaklyn was Brittany and Justin’s third child, and they couldn’t be prouder. The Joker kept with the spirit of the holiday during the entire process and made time to pose for photos with ten-year-old Brenden and his dad after the delivery. Four-year-old McKinley opted out of a picture because she had a fear of clowns. When Dr. Locus checked up on Brittany and her family the next morning, he apologized for not being able to attend the delivery last night. The doctor slyly delivered a card congratulating the couple, signed ‘Dr. Joker.’

Having a baby delivered by an infamous comic character might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the Selph’s were open-minded. Brittany replied, “It was all in good fun, and it was Halloween.” Dr. Locus is a medical professional who has enjoyed dressing up for his patients since starting his practice. Director Rhonda Crosset of Henry County Medical Center had this to say about Dr. Locus, “He loves going the extra mile to give them a unique and enjoyable delivery experience.” Father, Justin Selph responded, “He is such a genuine guy and a good sport.” Thanks to the events of Oaklyn’s birth, the Selph family planned to throw a pink Batman-themed birthday party for their youngest’s first birthday.
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