Women Tech Charge: Catch up on the first episode from the new series of the Evening Standard's tech podcast

Women Tech Charge: Catch up on the first episode from the new series of the Evening Standard's tech podcast

Season two of the Evening Standard’s women in tech podcast, Women Tech Charge, is back on the airwaves. 

Hosted by Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, the CEO of STEMettes.org, the second series builds on the work of the first by highlighting some of the incredible women revolutionising our lives across STEM. 

The first series including conversations with Rikke Rosenlund who is helping us all have some pet love in our lives with BorrowMyDoggy and Lousie Broni-Mensah, who is ensuring we all have a good night out with Shoobs.com. Catch up on season one here

Now, the second season invites women from across STEM to offer up their stories, whether it’s the head of composition at LucasFilm creating those incredible visual effects in Star Wars, or the AI researcher examining the ways the new technology is influencing our lives. 

Meet the guests from the new season of Women Tech Charge podcast

It's important to showcase female role models in the industry in order to inspire the next generation of tech talent. According to new research by the Institute of Coding, 41 per cent of young people think there is a lack of female role models in tech, with over 34 per cent thinking there are unequal opportunities for women in the industry. Women Tech Charge seeks to break down these barriers. 

You can find Women Tech Charge in your favourite podcast app or catch up with every episode right here. 

Episode One: Rachel Riley, mathematician and Countdown presenter 

Rachel Riley is the first woman to kick off the new series of Women Tech Charge. 

During the episode, she chats to Imafidon about her love of maths, how she ended up on Countdown, what more needs to be done to promote maths as a career path, and her new campaign to end online trolling with MP Lucy Powell. 

“The internet is being used in a way now by extremists, to mess with democracy and to incite hatred. I’m supporting a bill, by Lucy Powell, to make forum runners liable for material that’s on there,” she tells Imafidon. 

“If you went on the street and said this kind of stuff you would get arrested but you can do it online with tens of thousands of people in these groups and there’s no consequences. So we need to change that.” 

Women in tech podcast returns

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