90 Day: The Last Resort's Latest Episode Just Changed How I Feel About Kalani's Efforts To Reconcile With Asuelu

90 Day: The Last Resort's Latest Episode Just Changed How I Feel About Kalani's Efforts To Reconcile With Asuelu

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90 Day: The Last Resort episode "Last Licks." Read at your own risk!

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have the biggest struggles of any couple in 90 Day: The Last Resort. They are trying to move past him cheating on her while visiting his father in Samoa, which was only made messier when she cashed in a "hall pass" and became romantically involved with the man she hooked up with. It seemed like Asuelu was really working to try and make their relationship work, while Kalani was already over it and ready to move on. I felt a certain way about that right up until the latest reveal, which made me understand her attitude a lot better. 

Following a failed bonding experiment, 90 Day Fiancé's Kalani admitted she felt weird being physical with Asuelu because she "shut off" the part of her that loves him a while ago. While she felt like the experience had improved their friendship, she felt she could no longer see her husband as anything more than a friend. 

That felt a little cruel to Asuelu, considering the circumstances. My thoughts on that changed, however, when Kalani dropped an absolute bombshell in the confessional. Kalani previously hinted at online when fans criticized her for using the hall pass that the infidelity in Samoa was not the first time he cheated. She revealed that he's cheated on her several times throughout their relationship, dating back to when she first became pregnant and was working on bringing him to the United States. Kalani explained why she stayed with Asuelu the first time she caught him and went through with marrying him:

I stayed with him because I was pregnant. Because I thought we would be together forever. So I set my feelings aside. I just never wanted this to happen [cries]

As a longtime fan of 90 Day Fiancé, I've seen Asuelu and Kalani go through a lot. There was the drama with her family when her mother heard him call Kalani a "lying bitch," and let's not forget Asuelu's family hounding them for more money to send home. To learn the couple was also quietly dealing with infidelity issues throughout all that drama adds an extra dimension to it all, and I'm shocked Kalani didn't talk about it on previous spinoffs. 

With that added context, it's much more understandable to see why Kalani hasn't been too invested in wanting to save their relationship. Asuelu does seem remorseful for his actions, but this is not the first time he's had to apologize for cheating on his wife. At a certain point, I could get why it would start to feel disingenuous and why Kalani is ready to see if she can find another man who she can connect with on a deeper level. 

CinemaBlend has previously pointed out that Kalani and Asuelu had split before filming on 90 Day: The Last Resort had ever started. In the time since filming, there were rumors that Asuelu had dated Winter Everett and that she was even the woman in question that he cheated with in Samoa. Chantel Everett has since denied that, though I do wonder if we'll eventually see Asuelu when tuning in for The Family Chantel with a Max subscription

90 Day: The Last Resort is still rolling along on TLC on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET. We'll have to wait and see what other reveals are on the way, though I doubt anything can be as surprising as the news Kalani dropped.