Adele & Rich Paul Buy A Home Together!

Adele & Rich Paul Buy A Home Together!

Adele has been dodging breakup rumors about her and boyfriend Rich Paul lately. The songstress has officially slapped those whispers down in kind of a big way. She and Paul have bought a home together!

Adele & Rich Paul Relationship Going Strong

Adele- Instagram

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer shared a collection of photos on Instagram this week the first of which featured herself and Paul in front of a beautiful home. He is holding up a set of keys and the couple is grinning from ear to ear. 

Adele simply captioned the post “Time flies”. The rest of the photos were moments in their relationship some that until now, were kept private like the couple attending a softball game together,  and Paul planting a kiss on his new love backstage at an event.

The last photo was the cutest of all and it didn’t even feature the couple. Instead, it was the “Easy  On Me” singers beautifully manicured nails holding up the fortune from a fortune cookie. 

It read, “You have found good company- enjoy”

Adele & Rich Paul Fighting Split Rumors

Adele at the BRIT Awards 2022MEGA

It wasn’t too long ago that Adele was avoiding the rumors that she and Paul, who have been together for almost a year now were on the verge of breaking up! Paul reportedly missed the singer’s birthday, he was a definite no-show at her party. 

Adele was too busy celebrating to address the rumors in detail but that didn’t stop fans from going hard on Paul in the comments of her posts. Most of the comments were inquiries as to why he wasn’t at her party and why the couple haven’t been seen in public together for a while.

Mind you, we are still in the stages of a pandemic, maybe Adele is still in the ‘doesn’t want to take a risk’ phase?

Regardless, we are all eating crow pie for even thinking that the relationship was on the rocks. The dangling keys in front of their stunning new home have quickly put those rumors to rest!

Adele Recently Celebrated A Birthday

Adele turned 34 this month and graced her fans with two new gorgeous photos of herself. She donned a black Caroline Herrera dress and looked absolutely whimsical in the photos set in what looks like the singer’s backyard.

The second photo featured an up-close face shot of Adele with no makeup on. She is embracing her freckles and let’s be honest, her smile looks genuine. The caption for the photo read; “What a difference a year makes!”

“If time keeps healing and smoothing out all the creases in my life like it does as the years fly by, then I can’t wait to be 60!” Wrote Adele in the sentimental post. “I’ve never been happier! So many lessons, so many blessings to be grateful for. This is 34, and I love it here! Thank you for the birthday love as always x”

Adele & Rich Paul On the Path To Success

Adele Is Reportedly Making Over $1 MILLION Per Show In Las Vegas ResidencyInstagram

In December, a source shared that Adele and Paul are the “perfect” couple. They allegedly complement one another. 

Anybody who knows Adele knows that it would take an equally strong man to even peek Adele‘s interest, but that’s very much who Rich is,” claimed the course.

“He may not be known to some because he‘s been behind the scenes, but he‘s a very powerful man in what he does, and how he carries himself.”

Only time will tell how this relationship will fair but it’s fun to see Adele posting about the more private side of her life!