After Loudermilk’s Success On Netflix, Creator Peter Farrelly Talks Potential Season 4 Plot, And I Absolutely Need This To Happen

After Loudermilk’s Success On Netflix, Creator Peter Farrelly Talks Potential Season 4 Plot, And I Absolutely Need This To Happen

Netflix boasts plenty of great original series worth a binge-watch, including Stranger Things, You, Black Mirror, etc. However, the streamer has also been known to give new life to shows that viewers may have missed the first time around. Suits is a big example of that, with the USA Network’s legal drama becoming wildly popular on Netflix, to the point that a Suits spinoff is in the works. Now it appears Loudermilk — a 2017 comedy starring Ron Livingston — has become the next can’t-miss series on Netflix, so will its success also bring more episodes? Turns out, series creator Peter Farrelly already has an idea for Season 4.

Three seasons of the Canadian comedy were previously released on Audience Network and Amazon Prime, but I am one fan now kicking myself for not finding Loudermilk until it became available with a Netflix subscription in January. The show centers around former music critic Sam Loudermilk (Ron Livingston), a cynical recovering addict who runs a support group. Peter Farrelly told Deadline he always had a plan to continue the story past three seasons, and it seems Season 4 might see the titular character trying to balance professional success with his responsibilities to his fellow addicts. The creator said: 

Loudermilk sells his book, finally, and now we cut back three-four years later, his book has come out. That takes a year. It’s a huge hit, and now Loudermilk’s on top of again. Loudermilk is back to being Loudermilk, and yet, he has to deal with these same guys, his group.

Chief amongst those in Loudermilk’s life are his sponsor and roommate Ben (Will Sasso) and sponsee Claire (Anja Savcic), and while we also get to know the other members of the motley crew of addicts, it sounds like Peter Farrelly envisions some celebrity cameos in his potential fourth season. He continued: 

So, he’s got one foot in this celebrity world again, and he’s having lunch with Neil Young, and by the end, he has to rush back to see these guys, and it’s like how do you make that work? And it’s also the slippery slope of stardom, and it becomes Loudermilk meets Larry Sanders because you got real celebrities in there and real rock stars, and it really gets fun.

This definitely sounds like a fun twist on an already-great show. The comedy is smartly written, and the chemistry between the three leading cast members is fantastic. Will Sasso — who’s been in the news recently with his Dudesy podcast and its A.I. comedy specials — is delightful as Ben and the perfect complement to Ron Livingston’s curmudgeon. I really need Loudermilk Season 4 to happen, and given Peter Farrelly’s plans for the story on top having a consistent presence in Netflix’s Top 10 for the month of January, I’m very hopeful. 

Furthermore, the famed director told Deadline he could easily get the cast back together to film a 10-episode season in just eight weeks. Peter Farrelly said he plans to shop Loudermilk around for additional seasons, but to continue on Netflix would be “my dream,” he said.

That makes two of us. For now, you can stream the first three seasons of Loudermilk on Netflix, and be sure to check out what else is new and coming soon to Netflix. You can also stay up to date on all of the upcoming premieres with our 2024 TV schedule