After Missing WWE's Money In The Bank, The Wyatt Sicks Shared An Image That May Hint At Their Next Story

After Missing WWE's Money In The Bank, The Wyatt Sicks Shared An Image That May Hint At Their Next Story

Money In The Bank is over, and while the event's matches delivered on their promises, I was a little disappointed. I've been waiting for the Wyatt Sicks to appear at upcoming WWE events since their debut, and I didn't see them pop up once while watching it with my Peacock Premium subscription. While we have no idea why they weren't a part of the fun, we do have a potential clue about their next storyline after the PLE. 

Chad Gable was allowed to compete in the Men's briefcase match without their interfering, so I have to wonder if they're done with him after that brutal attack. In any case, a new clue has hit the internet on what's next for the faction and what we may see when they show up next on Monday Night Raw

The Wyatt Sicks Dropped A Tease Involving One Of Its Members

While I continue to scratch my head at the WWE's decision not to include the Wyatt Sicks at Money In The Bank, the faction's official X account shared an update the day after the event. As usual, the message is not exactly straightforward, so check it out below and read on to see what I think it all means.

The three-digit numbers appear to be ASCII character codes, and when translated to letters, "ARE! SICK?" is the result. Assuming that's the full message, it's not entirely surprising. The Wyatt Sicks seem to be a disturbed faction, as evidenced by Bo Dallas' therapy sessions with Uncle Howdy, and one without a strict adherence to spelling and grammar precision.

As for the mystery man in the picture, it appears to be Erick Rowan, who was once an ally of Bray Wyatt and a founding member of The Wyatt Family, though he later left WWE and joined up with AEW. Rumors surfaced a while back that Rowan was planning a return to WWE as part of this storyline, but the company never officially acknowledged his signing. 

That said, it's pretty much an open secret to many wrestling fans that Rowan is masquerading as the Rabbit in Uncle Howdy's group. His specific arm tattoos betray any mystery that someone else is involved, assuming this doesn't involve some elaborately crafted fake tattoo scheme. As such, I think this tease deals with him, but what could it mean beyond that?

Is Erick Rowan The Next Member Of The Wyatt Sicks To Be Profiled?

If I had to guess what was coming next from The Wyatt Sicks, it will be a vignette with Erick Rowan, possibly of him competing in the ring. As the most physically imposing supporting member of the bunch, it would make sense for him to do so, though I'm not immediately sure who his target would be. Before Money In The Bank, I would've said he'd go after Chad Gable, but considering they didn't show up to derail CinemaBlend's MITB predictions like I expected them to, I'm not so confident in that choice.

I would love official confirmation that Rowan is back in WWE, as it'd be another big callback to Bray Wyatt's legacy. Ultimately, I'd want the story to explain why all these people joined with Uncle Howdy, and I could see him telling a story that's both grounded in reality and mimics the tone that Wyatt would've wanted for such a gimmick. In either case, the Wyatt Sicks once again have my full attention, and we still don't even know who their mysterious sixth member is. I hope we find out soon and that it ends up being Alexa Bliss, despite her recent posts suggesting she's not coming back soon. 

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in for potentially more on the Wyatt Sicks, who feel a bit directionless after the latest no-show.