After Richard Lewis' Death, Jamie Lee Curtis Shares How The Curb Your Enthusiasm Actor Impacted Her Life In A Major Way

After Richard Lewis' Death, Jamie Lee Curtis Shares How The Curb Your Enthusiasm Actor Impacted Her Life In A Major Way

This week, beloved actor and comedian Richard Lewis passed away. The actor had been a prolific name in Hollywood, known for supporting roles in movies like Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Leaving Las Vegas. In his later years, his name was synonymous with the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he played a version of himself alongside longtime friend Larry David. Some may also remember Lewis from the late-80s/early 90s sitcom Anything but Love, in which he co-starred with now-Oscar winner, Jamie Lee Curtis. The Halloween actress recently penned a tribute to her late scene partner and how he impacted her life. 

There have been a number of heartfelt tributes to Richard Lewis following his death, and Curtis’ post on social media was one of the most thoughtful. The actress wrote about meeting Lewis while filming the pilot of Anything but Love, and how their friendship evolved over the years. Based on the post, Lewis’ impact on Curtis’ life was substantial, and even contributed to the Freaky Friday actress eventually leading a life of sobriety. She said in her emotional Instagram post: 

He also is the reason I am sober. He helped me. I am forever grateful for him for that act of grace alone. He found love with Joyce and that, of course, besides his sobriety, is what mattered most to him.

For context, Jamie Lee Curtis has been sober for over 22 years following a private battle with substance abuse. This tribute indicates that Lewis also suffered from something similar during his young career, and it was through this mutual experience that Curtis was able to get sober herself. This was clearly a very special relationship for Curtis, whose emotional post truly highlights the important role the late actor played in her life.

Lewis’s death came as a surprise to some, as the actor offered a positive health update last week. He revealed last year that he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative illness. As a result he skipped the Season 12 premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was still able to participate in the final season of the Larry David-led show regardless, and fans are hoping that the show sends off his character in a heartfelt way. 

Richard Lewis made everything he was in funnier, and Jamie Lee Curtis knows this better than anyone. She not only discussed his impact on her personal decision to get sober in her tribute, but also talked about her wonderful experience working with him on Anything but Love. The sitcom ran for four seasons, and its success can be attributed to the wonderful chemistry between Curtis and Lewis. It showcased Curtis’ range as a comic actress and even won her a Golden Globe in 1990. It also displays Lewis’ magnetism and charm as a leading man. His death is a big loss for comedy, and he will be severely missed. 

You can experience the wonderful comedic timing of Richard Lewis by streaming Curb Your Enthusiasm now with a Max subscription. His sitcom collaboration with Jamie Lee Curtis, Anything but Love, isn’t currently streaming, but hopefully the show will become widely available soon, as Curtis suggested in her post. However, true fans can purchase the DVD box set of the series now on Amazon.