Alex Cooper Recalls Embarrassing Thanksgiving Moments On ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

Alex Cooper Recalls Embarrassing Thanksgiving Moments On ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

Alex Cooper went down memory lane for the latest episode of “Call Her Daddy.”

The famous podcaster, 27, recalled some of her embarrassing moments during Thanksgiving from when she was a teen up until adulthood.

Cooper also took to Instagram and told her fans about the new episode.

Reliving Memories

“Happy Wednesday❤️ new episode of @callherdaddy is live. To anyone nervous about the holidays because of stressful family dynamics (alcoholic family members, triggering home memories, divorced parents, loss of a family member, eating triggers, etc) this week’s episode I have on a doctor who specializes in family dynamics and is sharing her wisdom on how to prepare and set boundaries during this time of year,” she captioned the post.

“I’m thinking about college was college. It was either 2013 or 2012,” Copper said in the new release. “And I think I graduated college in 2017. So does that mean I went in 2013? Sure. There I was 2013 freshman year of college, and I was going home for Thanksgiving. I had just finished soccer season.”

Call Her Daddy podcast hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia FranklynMEGA

She continued, “I remember running home, so happy to get away. It was a hard season so I was pretty excited to go home for Thanksgiving. A lot of people on my team which aka were my friends were from Boston. So they were regularly seeing their parents and I was like, g-dd–n, I miss PA.”

Her ‘Glow Up’

Cooper also detailed how she glowed up from being an ugly duckling to a hot freshman — all thanks to puberty and soccer. For those who don’t know, she was a soccer star at Boston University, where she won a Patriot League title in 2014.

“I was gonna walk into a bar on a Wednesday in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Seeing all my old colleagues, nope. All my old classmates and I was going to strut in there on the biggest f–king drinking night of the year,” Cooper told listeners. “I felt like in college that first semester, I really honed in on the assets that I liked about myself. My a– had gotten even bigger because of soccer, right? And listen, although, I wasn’t playing a lot, neither were any of the f–king freshmen so I wasn’t like that hurt about it. And the fact that I, at the time, was dating one of the guys on the hockey team. I felt like I had leveled up in every possible way.”

Thanksgiving Fails

Cooper also told the story of when she brought her boyfriend, whom she called “Mr. Zoom Man,” home for the first time.

“He came with me — Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, Henry, and me en route on a plane to see my family, and I have told Mr. Sexy Zoom Man at this point. This is a big deal. No one has ever met my family. But I meant, no one has ever been to my childhood home,” she explained.

Call Her Daddy podcast hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia FranklynMEGA

At the time, her dad showed her man some family pictures, including a photo where she posed with her ex-boyfriend, along with her mom, dad, sister, and brother in New York. She panicked because she had told Mr. Sexy Zoom Man prior that she had never brought a man to meet her family, but it was a misunderstanding. Cooper meant she never had a significant other visit her parent’s house. Although he assured her it was fine, she still thought the Thanksgiving gathering was a disaster.

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