Amanda Kloots Acknowledges Late Husband’s Life Lessons On His 45th Posthumous Birthday

Amanda Kloots Acknowledges Late Husband’s Life Lessons On His 45th Posthumous Birthday

Following the passing of her husband, Nick Cordero, in July 2020 after a months-long struggle with COVID-19, Amanda Kloots persevered in sharing her journey of coping with grief, supporting their son Elvis, and cherishing her husband’s memory. Keeping up with that, the dancer has marked what would have been the late Broadway veteran’s 45th birthday with a sweet post on social media.

Amanda Kloots Thanked Nick Cordero For Teaching Her How To Live Her Best Life

Kloots has highlighted some of the most valuable lessons she learned from her husband while commemorating his birthday on September 17. Taking to Instagram, the “The Talk” co-host uploaded a reel that began with Cordero providing more depth to his song, “Live Your Life.”

“Go off and live your life. You live and you learn and come up on the other side a bit more wise. ‘Live your life,’ that’s what you have to do. Live your life to the fullest,” the beloved actor stated before the video transitioned into a still image of him opening his mouth widely.

Other featured pictures in the compilation showed the Canadian star napping with a hat shielding his eyes, holding two cups of coffee, stunning on his wedding day, and enjoying life’s pleasures with his wife. 

While the clip showcased scenes of him spending time with Elvis, its end brought on the waterworks for many as it featured Cordero cuddling his baby boy and wife in the dark.

The moment was illuminated by a small lamp, allowing viewers to see the “Bullets Over Broadway” actor’s hand resting on Kloots’ hair, as she snuggled into him and held their son. Beneath the emotionally charged scenes, the “Dancing with the Stars” contestant penned:

“Happy Birthday Nick. You would have been 45 years old today! Sharing a few of my all time favorite pics.

I think we worry about getting older, worry about what age we are turning this year. I encourage you to celebrate it. Celebrate life. That you have more time on this Earth. More time with the people you love. Each year is a blessing, an absolute miracle really.”

Wrapping up, the mother of one shared her appreciation to Cordero for “teaching me how to live my life to the fullest,” adding, “I love you honey.” As you can expect, fans flooded her comments section with bittersweet birthday wishes and remarks confirming that her late husband was a great person.

“Your story has taught us all so much, Nick. I hope you can see how the words of your song are an anthem we live by. We all know you now.Celebrating everyday we wake up to another day. Some don’t get as many days as others. You used yours to the fullest,” one person commented. 

A second person eagerly effused, “What a guyyyyyy!,” a third stated, “Happy birthday Nick! So many good people here looking after your girl and your boy for you,” and a fourth chimed in, “Happy birthday buddy. We miss you every single day,” before adding:

“I just know he’s SOOOO PROUD OF YOU Klootsie… and you know he’s watching Elvis turn into such an incredible little man. Love you all so much.”

The Fitness Instructor Shone The Light On Her Three Best Men On Father’s Day 2023

Amanda Kloots Shares What She Learned On Late Husband's 3rd Hospitalisation AnniversaryInstagram | Amanda Kloots

For Father’s Day this year, Kloots marked the occasion with a touching tribute, sharing multiple throwback footage and a heartfelt message dedicated to Cordero, her father Freddie Kloots, and her brother Todd Kloots. As reported by The Blast, the heartwarming slides began with a clip of Elvis sitting on his grandfather’s lap, trying his hand at drumming.

The little boy was dressed in a long-sleeved mustard yellow shirt and black pants, while Freddie observed and cheered him on in a blue long-sleeved button-down shirt and jeans. The sweet boy reappeared in the second slide, this time with his uncle Todd, who was teaching him how to say “Happy birthday, mama.”

For the third slide, her husband was captured cradling their then-infant in a baby carrier secured to his chest. With a beaming expression, he grooved to the rhythm of the music playing in the background.

His attire for this moment included a multicolored plaid shirt, khaki shorts, and matching loafers, creating a charming and heartwarming scene. After praising Freddie for being “the best Dad and Grandpa,” and bragging that she won the brother lottery, Kloots gushed about Cordero in the caption, writing:

“He loved Elvis so much! He loved playing music for him and taking him on walks. I so wish I could have seen him be a Dad longer than 10 months. I wish I could see him now with Elvis, playing music or monster trucks. Nick was such a big kid, I know he would have loved watching Elvis grow.”