Amelia Hamlin’s Father Says ‘He’s Glad’ About Split With Scott Disick

Amelia Hamlin’s Father Says ‘He’s Glad’ About Split With Scott Disick

News about Amelia Hamlin‘s romantic entanglement with Scott Disick was the buzz of the moment after they were spotted together on several occasions. When the romance was confirmed, her father, Harry Hamlin, seemed like he wasn’t pleased about it.

For one, Disick is 18 years older than his daughter, which made the American author concerned about her happiness. In any case, it appeared that he hoped the relationship was a phase in her life and not long-term.

Almost a year later, the pair broke up, and from all indications, they have no plans to reconcile.

Following her split with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, Harry came on an interview recently and made remarks about his daughter’s new status. Read on to get more details about his comment.

Harry Hamlin is Happy About Amelia’s Breakup

In late October 2020, the media made speculations that Amelia and Disick were in a romantic relationship. Subsequently, pictures of the duo made headlines, further confirming that they were having an affair.

In addition to being superstars, their relationship garnered publicity due to the almost two decades of an age gap between them. Despite the angst against their affair, the couple proved their naysayers wrong for a while. However, they suddenly parted ways just before they clocked a year together.

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The news was surprising, as they seemed to be getting along well. Soon after, Harry spoke about the split in an interview on “Watch What Happens Live.”

During the question and answer session on the show, one fan quizzed the actor, “What do you think happened between Amelia and Scott Disick to cause the breakup, and were you secretly happy when they split?”
Harry riposted by disclosing that his daughter was “doing great” and “living in New York.” He then added that he had no hand in ending the affair.
“I have no idea what exactly happened there,” he said. “I’m just glad she is solo.”

How Did The Breakup Rumors Start?

After barely a year of being together, things went downhill in the relationship following the leak of Disick’s alleged messages to ex-boxer and model Younes Bendjima.

Fans can recall that Disick and Bendjima had romantic links with the reality star, Kourtney Kardashian. However, in the messages, it seemed like Disick was throwing jibes at Kardashian and her PDA with her fiancé, Travis Barker. Subsequently, the incident got heated up, with the media and public bandying different versions of the news, which affected Hamlin.

She dropped a few enigmatic posts on her social media account. In one, she posted a photo of a man holding a sign that said, “Let us be nicer to each other. We are all trying our best.” The star also posted another of someone wearing a tank top with the imprint, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Soon after, speculations stirred that Amelia had parted ways with her beau.

Amelia’s Mother Confirmed The Breakup

Following the sordid incident and Amelia’s cryptic messages on her social media account, the media alleged that the two had broken up. The report was confirmed by Amelia’s mother, Lisa Rinna, in a reunion episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

As per Buzzfeed News, Rinna disclosed that the leaked messages were part of the reasons for the breakup, but she also added, “There is never one reason why I think people split up. You know, now is the time to heal. Now is the time for everyone to heal.”

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Although it might take some time, Amelia has started her healing process. According to Page Six, the 20-year-old attended the Paris Fashion Week and partied with friends after.

“Amelia looked ready to date again,” a source disclosed to the news outlet. “She was hanging with a group of girlfriends and flirting with lots of guys.”

Scott Disick Seems To Have Moved On

With Amelia back in the public view, looking ready to mingle, her ex-boo was also alleged to be hitting on the ladies. Per E! News, an insider said he’s “meeting new girls and going out is a nice distraction and is helping him move on. He is trying to have fun and keep it light.”

Recently, Disick was spotted hanging out with model Elizabeth Grace Lindley. Next up, the media alleged that he was at a restaurant with another model Hana Cross.

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Also, his ex-girlfriend, Christine Burke, appeared in the mix of ladies he got linked with following his breakup. However, the TV personality did not confirm if he had started a romantic thing with any of them.

For fans, Disick and Amelia have placed their affair in the past. Judging by the reports around their recent activities, the two might find new partners in no time.