American Rust: Broken Justice Creator Dan Futterman Opens Up About The Character He Can’t Wait To Explore If There’s A Third Season

American Rust: Broken Justice Creator Dan Futterman Opens Up About The Character He Can’t Wait To Explore If There’s A Third Season

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for American Rust: Broken Justice. Please exercise caution if you have yet to complete the show’s second season on Prime Video.

Throughout its run, the Amazon original series American Rust: Broken Justice has introduced some incredible and incredibly well-rounded characters, many of whom left the Season 2 finale with some unfinished business. And while the show’s creator, Dan Futterman, is excited to continue the journeys for Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney’s characters, the one he is excited about the most is Luna Lauren Vélez’s Detective Angela Burgos.

Before American Rust: Broken Justice premiered for Amazon subscribers on the 2024 TV schedule, Futterman opened up to CinemaBlend about a number of topics pertaining to the gritty crime drama, including any potential next steps for Vélez’s character, who was introduced in the show’s second season:

We were so fortunate to get Luna Lauren Vélez to come and act in our second season, and that character is exciting to us, and where she is left at the end of the season is exciting to us. And where you see her wheels turning. And so that is something I really, really would like to pursue. Where her mind is going is a thread that I want to follow.

The Dexter alum, who also famously appeared on Oz back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, was introduced as Detective Angela Burgos, Del Harris’ (Jeff Daniels) new partner at the Pittsburgh Police Department. And while the detectives’ journey started with an investigation into the deadly mail-bombing teased in the American Rust: Broken Justice trailer, she soon became a major player in the FBI’s probe into “The Brotherhood,” a close-knit group of corrupt cops on the force.

Like a lot of the other main American Rust: Broken Justice characters, Burgos’ story was left largely unresolved, which leaves the door wide open for her to play a larger role moving forward, that is if Amazon repeats the past and picks up the show for another season.

Though executive producer and writer Adam Rapp didn’t say whether or not a third season was a sure thing (Amazon hasn’t commented on its status either), he was excited to pursue Burgos’ story if it does happen:

I agree with you 100% with her. I mean, I think she's going to command some serious real estate in the new season, which is very exciting because she's a terrific actor.

If American Rust: Broken Justice is picked up for another chapter, there are plenty of storylines Futterman and Rapp could continue and directions they could take, especially with Maura Tierney’s character’s “new beginnings” toast in the intense Season 2 finale. And as the various subplots have become intertwined throughout the show’s run, this could lead to some really cool scenarios for all the major players on both sides of the law.

But even if it is a while before we hear more about American Rust: Broken Justice returning for a third season on Amazon, we still have Luna Lauren Vélez’s performance in the upcoming Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse to look forward to while we wait.