Aoki Lee Simmons Flaunts Her Body In A Tiny Black Bikini Following Vittorio Assaf Breakup

Aoki Lee Simmons Flaunts Her Body In A Tiny Black Bikini Following Vittorio Assaf Breakup

In the wake of her recent breakup with Vittorio Assaf, Aoki Lee Simmons took to Instagram and showcased her stunning physique in a sleek black bikini!

The 21-year-old daughter of renowned fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons and hip-hop icon Russell Simmons has always been a symbol of style and sophistication, and her latest beachside escapade is no exception.

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Aoki Lee Simmons Is Dropping A Bikini Thirst Trap

Draped in a chic black two-piece, Aoki exudes confidence as she basks in the sun.

The snapshot seems to have been captured amidst her getaway to St. Barths, where she was accompanied by her then-beau, who is 44 years her senior.

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Big Age Gap Issue

Aoki caused quite a stir across the internet when images of her alongside Assaf, a prominent restaurateur and co-founder of the prestigious luxury hospitality brand Serafina, went viral. Their significant age difference ignited a flurry of discussions online, with many voicing their opinions and engaging in debates about the nature of their relationship.

Unfortunately, Aoki found herself the subject of harsh criticism on social media, with even her parents, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, coming under scrutiny and facing their share of criticism amid the controversy.

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Calling It Quits

Aoki and Assaf appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their romantic getaway to St. Barts, radiating happiness throughout their time together. The model even referred to him as her "boyfriend" during an Instagram live session, proudly displaying a purse he had gifted her. However, despite the apparent bliss, their relationship reportedly reached its conclusion.

A source close to the socialite disclosed to Page Six on Monday, "It's 100% done." They emphatically stated, "They're absolutely not dating."

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Aoki Lee Simmons' Friends Speak Up

Aoki's friends were quick to dispel any notion that her relationship with Assaf was driven by materialistic motives or a desire for lavish gifts.

According to an insider, "She doesn't care about jewelry. She doesn't have Hermes. It's not even her. She doesn't even care about expensive things like that. She's more of a geek."

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'Player' Reputation

Assaf may not be too heartbroken about the short-lived romance coming to an end, as it appears that the 65-year-old businessman has a reputation for being a bit of a player.

According to a source, "I wouldn't be surprised if he's out with another young girl tonight!"

The insider further elaborated, "He's always loved younger, beautiful women. He's gotten older, but his taste hasn't changed."

However, for Aoki, she seems to be feeling the opposite.

Feeling 'Depresso'

Aoki has recently turned to social media, seemingly to express her emotions now that she's single again. In a post on Instagram featuring a snapshot of herself sitting on plastic bags, she shared, "I'm depresso espresso. But I did indeed have to share I FOUND WHERE ALL MY PACKAGES [HAVE] BEEN GOING TOO? (sic)."

Another source has corroborated that their brief romantic involvement has concluded, with the model now focusing on finding a balance between her personal life and the public spotlight. According to the insider who spoke to People, "Not only is it over, it was never a thing. Aoki is learning to navigate her private life in a public sphere. And that can be difficult."