Apple Lines Up Original Podcast Series ‘Under Cover of Knight’

Apple Lines Up Original Podcast Series ‘Under Cover of Knight’

EXCLUSIVE: Apple is continuing its drive for original podcast series.

The tech giant is launching Under Cover of Knight, a series about a mysterious woman living in Athens, Texas.

Under Cover of Knight tells the story of Sue Knight, who was found dead in 1996 in her home.

Her will named a loose acquaintance – Steve Barksdale – as the executor of her estate, but after an alleged phone call from the CIA and a dire warning from the local sheriff, the executor stopped asking questions. More than 25 years later, Sue’s memory haunts the town of Athens and the people who knew her. Who was Sue, really? Why did this English expat settle in small-town Texas? And could she still be alive?

The series will launch on June 12 with its first two episodes (you can hear a trailer below).

It is Apple’s latest original podcast, having launched series including The Line, Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy, Hooked and Project Unabom.

It is produced by Spoke Media, which is behind series such as Power: The Maxwells and Wondery’s Terms.

You can listen to the visual trailer here.