Ariel Winter Just Gave Us An Even Better Look At Her New Life As A Redhead And I’m Pumped For Her Modern Family Follow-Up Show

Ariel Winter Just Gave Us An Even Better Look At Her New Life As A Redhead And I’m Pumped For Her Modern Family Follow-Up Show

Ariel Winter has spent recent weeks teasing her next TV gig, Fox's unique competition Stars on Mars. While fans are obviously excited about her return to the small screen, we've all been just as excited by Winter rocking some Jessica Rabbit-esque red hair for the show. Viewers have only gotten glimpses of her new bright red tresses, but now, they’ve got a better look at the Modern Family alum’s new life as a redhead.

The TV actress hopped on her Instagram account to show off her full look for the upcoming Fox unscripted series. Winter posted official promotional photos from the series, allowing followers to see her in the full form-fitting spacesuit with an out-of-this-world-ish helmet. However, no helmet could possibly derail her red hair from standing out the most. Get a look at Winter giving space-age Little Mermaid in the post below.

Ariel Winter completely owned her look from (crimson) head to toe. While fans might love her dark brown Alex Dunphy tresses, or the hyper-blonde look she adopted in 2022, red is undeniably a good look on her. Having Mars' similar hues behind her makes her new hair color pop even more. Even the red-orange accents of her spacesuit work well with her fire-red hair, and the color popped even more against her fair skin. If the producers reveal that this show is actually just all about making Winter's hair look good, I wouldn't be too shocked.

Seeing her red hair in HD made me even more excited to see what her Modern Family follow-up show has in store for the viewers. Compared to the sarcastic middle Dunphy child, it appears Winter is going to have a fun time as she and other celebrities — including Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz, 'NSYNC's Lance Bass, and Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Porsha Williams — embark on a faux space mission to the Red Planet. They are joined by Star Trek alum William Shatner, who was perfectly cast as the show's host. The upcoming reality series might serve as a nice departure from the ABC sitcom’s family hijinks. 

Stars on Mars seemed like the first of several projects the 25-year-old actress has coming up in the future. Winter is ready to jump back into the Hollywood grind after leaving Los Angeles for Virginia a few years ago to escape the everpresent grip of the media. She already has another potential series in the work after replacing singer Demi Lovato in the pilot Hungry. Clearly Ariel Winter’s post-Modern Family career continues to thrive as far as acting is concerned. We'll just have to see how the whole astronaut thing pays off. 

Viewers will get to see Ariel Winter and co. compete to become the last space cadet when Stars on Mars premieres on June 5 at 8 pm EST on Fox. The first episode will be available through a Hulu subscription the next day. Just stay on Hulu to watch every season of Modern Family to hear Alex Sunphy's best quips.