Army Veteran Kindly Myers In Seashell Bikini Teases A Close-Up View

Army Veteran Kindly Myers In Seashell Bikini Teases A Close-Up View

Model Kindly Myers is treating her 3.5 million Instagram followers to a close-up view of her water fun!

The Army National Reserve veteran emerged from the ocean soaking wet, letting the water pour over the toned abs and her seashell bikini.

Kindly Myers Splashes Water On Her Chest!

In a video set to an instrumental version of Shakira’s hit song, “She Wolf,” the Playboy cover model emerged from the water looking like a real-life mermaid. She gives fans a close-up view of her string bikini, which has tiny seashells stitched into the fabric. Kindly splashes the water on her chest, letting it run down over her toned abs.

Her large “Invictus” tattoo is on full display along her left flank as she poses with her long blonde hair tied into two braids that fall over her shoulders. “Water,” she wrote in the caption. “Magnificent. You are breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous,” one fan gushed. “An Absolute Queen that everyone should never forget!” another follower exclaimed. “Hottie. I love that bikini,” a third fan chimed in while another follower called her “so cute and hot.”

Kindly Was Rocking Red On Cyber Monday!

The Nashville-based model often travels to Texas in order to participate in photo shoots for the CNC Activewear brand. On Cyber Monday, she advertised their Cyber Monday sale by sporting a red jumpsuit with white crew socks and clean white sneakers. “CYBER MONDAY. New deals added for today @cnc.activewear 35 new items and up to 75% off! Discount code: Kindly,” she wrote in the caption.

“You’re so beautiful,” one fan gushed. “I know you love the tan color but you look amazing in red,” another follower shared. “Lady in Red.. sexy my love,” a third fan chimed in. “So cute and hot, Kindly,” another follower wrote. “Truly the lady in red,” another fan agreed.

One follower even gushed, “Please Follow Back, I Would Love to Get to Know You More, As I’m Sure your inner Beauty Must Match Your Outer shell. You’re Stunning & Such Amazing Beautiful Soul.” Kindly replied, “If you want to get to know me, you have to subscribe to my website.”

Kindly Is Making Everyone Lose Their Minds!

In a silly Instagram post that Kindly made for fun, she pulls up her white long-sleeve shirt in order to tease the bra she is wearing underneath it. She then proceeds to make her chest bounce, causing a guy to lose his mind! “Would you react the same way?” Kindly asked in the caption.

“I would definitely drop my jaw!” one fan exclaimed. “Nope. I would hold my sanity till you were gone and then pass out,” another follower joked. “I know exactly how he feels,” a third fan confessed. “I can’t say I blame him,” another follower wrote while another honest fan just replied, “Yes.”

Kindly Myers Shows Off Her Street Style In A Sleeveless Dress

In another Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model showed off her street style while walking around in downtown Nashville. She is wearing a gray sleeveless dress that drops down to her upper thighs underneath a tan coat. She has her long blonde hair tucked under a black baseball cap as she poses for a few photos.

“Some people want to keep you small because they never had the courage to go big….” She wrote in the caption. “Digging the dress, hoodie, and cap look very nice,” one fan commented. “Great look! Beautiful as always!!!!!” another follower exclaimed. “Out of this world! Such a fun outfit,” a third fan gushed while another follower called her the “best-looking on Instagram.”

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier tugged down her jeans to show off even more of her revealing red bikini as she got soaked at the beach! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!