Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Traffic Collision, Reportedly Handled Aftermath Like A True Gentleman

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Traffic Collision, Reportedly Handled Aftermath Like A True Gentleman

Sunday afternoons often seem like great times to hit the outdoors for leisurely drives and bike rides, but things went in the entirely opposite direction for Arnold Schwarzenegger and a female bicyclist this weekend. It’s being reported that the Terminator franchise vet was involved in a traffic collision with the aforementioned bike rider, who was reportedly taken to the hospital after the fact. And Schwarzenegger, believed to be free from blame in the situation, apparently reacted in quite the kind and gentlemanly way.  

How The Collision Happened 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was said to be driving in West L.A. on Sunday morning where witnesses saw a woman on her bike suddenly swerve in front of the actor’s SUV in an attempt to make a left turn. He wasn’t able to hit his brakes in time, according to TMZ, and they collided. Thankfully, he wasn’t driving very fast at the time, thus helping to avoid any serious injuries. 

That said, the woman reportedly complained about feeling some pain afterward, and after first responders arrived on the scene, she was transported to a nearby hospital. She’s believed to have suffered some minor injuries, but is generally in stable condition. It’s reported that the cops do not suspect drugs or alcohol to be involved, and aren’t viewing the crash as a crime. 

The police talked with Schwarzenegger, but they allegedly didn’t believe him to be at fault for the incident, as it’s something he couldn’t have avoided in the moment. 

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Handled Things After The Traffic Incident

Any kind of traffic issue can result in tempers running amok, regardless of how serious it is, but it sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the opposite end of that spectrum following the on-road dust-up. The actor, who turned 75 last year, went ahead and turned what could have been a disaster into a good deed. 

Once everything was sorted, Schwarzenegger reportedly attached the woman’s bike to the back of his vehicle and transported it to a local bike shop for it to get repaired. Whether he paid for it or not wasn’t confirmed, but even if he didn’t, it was still a pretty stellar move on his part to offer any form of assistance. It’s easy to imagine a more hot-headed driver taking that approach only to dump her bike in the middle of nowhere, so let’s all appreciate those who don’t take things that far, such as the True Lies vet, who’s currently set to head up a TV show for the first time in his career, with the star-filled Netflix spy series Utap

It's been just over a year since Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-car incident where he reportedly crashed into and rolled over another vehicle. At that time, he was said to have been vocally worried about the woman injured during that collision. 

Having been a big godly part of Super Bowl ad promos last year, it’s unclear if Schwarzenegger will don Zeus’ beard anew for the big game in 2023. (Or if his son Patrick Schwarzenegger can convince him to put aside his WTF judgments to make an appearance in Prime Video’s The Boys spinoff.) While waiting for Utap footage, as well as updates on his previous TV project Outrider and the highly anticipated sequel Triplets, check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the small screen soon.