As Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Prepares To End, It Looks Like She's Taking A Page Out Of Taylor Swift's Book For Her Own Concert Movie

As Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Prepares To End, It Looks Like She's Taking A Page Out Of Taylor Swift's Book For Her Own Concert Movie

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have been the talk of the town this summer as they both went on gigantic stadium tours. Both the Eras and the Renaissance World Tours have been massively successful, and the two women have garnered great acclaim for their live shows. Along with the in-person experience, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film is preparing to drop on the 2023 movie schedule. Now, it’s also been revealed that as Beyoncé’s tour comes to a close, she might be taking a page out of the “Cruel Summer” singer’s book by releasing a movie about her concerts in theaters. 

Apparently, the “CUFF IT” singer is in “advanced talks” to release the Renaissance World Tour concert film directly through AMC Theaters, per Variety. According to sources who are in the know about the project, Beyoncé’s agency CAA was in talks with studios and streamers, and they reportedly said players should prepare to bid on the singer’s massive project.

The Renaissance concert film will reportedly feature footage from her tour, the visual Renaissance album that people have been talking about for a long time as well as behind-the-scenes footage about the making of the live show. Apparently, like Taylor Swift’s concert movie, Beyoncé’s project will be distributed directly to AMC Theaters, and it’s expected to be released this year. The Eras Tour comes out on October 13, and reportedly, Beyoncé and her team are eyeing December 1 as the release date for her film.

The 1989 (Taylor's Version) artist got a favorable deal for her project, and she is allegedly set to take home more than half of the box receipts on the Eras Tour film, which is expected to make a lot of money in theaters. The “Love on Top” singer’s deal is reportedly similar to hers. According to a source who spoke with Variety, Beyoncé “stands to pocket more than 50% of the worldwide grosses.” 

This report comes after detail-oriented fans noticed that Adam Aron, AMC’s CEO, followed Beyoncé on social media.

Along with the concert being featured in this reported film, there is also a question about whether Renaissance’s visual album will be incorporated. Fans have been waiting for almost a year for the visuals of the album, and they still haven’t gotten them. 

It’s great timing that news about Renaissance’s concert film comes right at the end of Beyoncé’s massive trip around the world. While the “Love Story” singer still has a long international leg left on the Eras Tour, the artist behind Lemonade will close out her historic tour in Kansas City on October 1. 

If this deal becomes official, it will mark a second historic theatrical release for a concert movie, as both Swift’s and Beyoncé’s films will skip the studios, and distribute directly to the theater. 

It’s worth noting that both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have released concert films in similar ways before. Using a Netflix subscription, you can stream both 2018’s Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour as well as the “Single Ladies” legendary Coachella performance called Homecoming, from 2019. Both movies are incredibly well-shot, and they truly highlight these women’s talents are musicians and live performers. I expect that the same will be true of their two upcoming projects. 

As more information about Beyoncé's reported Renaissance concert film comes out, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. For now, mark your calendars for December 1, as apparently, that’s its goal release date. In the meantime, you can prep to see the Eras Tour in theaters on October 13.