As Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington Prepares For Second Baby With Rose Leslie, He Explains How This Pregnancy Differs From The First

As Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington Prepares For Second Baby With Rose Leslie, He Explains How This Pregnancy Differs From The First

Jon Snow and Ygritte may not have had the happiest of endings on Game of Thrones, but the actors behind them, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, have the sweetest marriage in real life, and they are now expecting their second child. However, with two kids comes new challenges, and the actor behind the former King in the North is detailing all the ways the couple’s second pregnancy differs from the first. 

At first, Harington said he was a bit “terrified” about baby No. 2, however, now they are getting practical as they prepare, as the actor explained to ET

We're really practical about it at the moment. And actually, almost too practical. With our first child, it was sort of romantic, for one of a better word. And this other one, we're like, 'Right, OK, let's get.' We know how efficient we have to be. Let's get down to parenting.

I feel like this is true for most parents, the mentality is totally different with the second child. While there are likely no fantastical, romantic thoughts about the process anymore, you also know exactly what to expect, and there are no questions. Harington seemed to also believe this, and then he explained some great advice his mom gave him: 

My mum says that she never remembers us being little kids or the early parenting much, because you're so present in it. And I think that's what kids allow you to be is incredibly present in the moment, 'cause you've got no choice.

While he’s a bit nervous, it seems like Harington and Leslie are more than ready to welcome their second kiddo. The two announced they were having their first child in 2020, and welcomed their little one in 2021. So, they know what it’s like to raise a newborn, and know exactly what to expect. However, I’d assume parenting a newborn and a toddler simultaneously comes with a new set of challenges, but I'm sure they'll do a great job. 

Harington and Leslie seem to be such a solid couple, I mean the Jon Snow actor knew his wife was “the one” at her first costume fitting on Game of Thrones. The two spent a while acting together on the hit fantasy series, and then they got married in 2018. Now, with the Eternals star talking about how practically they’re treating this pregnancy, and how they’re ready to “get down to parenting,” it seems like they’re on the same page, and ready for baby No. 2. 

Along with getting ready to welcome their second child into the world, both actors have projects coming out this year. Leslie was featured in Fabio D’Andrea’s music video “Hope Reborn,” while Harington has Extrapolations and Blood for Dust on the way. 

As all of us, Leslie and Harington included, wait for their second kiddo to arrive, you can check out the Jon Snow actor’s new series on the 2023 TV schedule, Extrapolations, with an Apple TV+ subscription starting on March 17, and you can always go back and relive Jon and Yigritte’s love story by streaming Game of Thrones with an HBO Max subscription.