As SEAL Team Prepares To Say Goodbye, David Boreanaz Has A Grateful Message For The Fans: 'Most Important'

As SEAL Team Prepares To Say Goodbye, David Boreanaz Has A Grateful Message For The Fans: 'Most Important'

SEAL Team is preparing for the end, much the sadness of plenty of fans who've been watching the show for years now. The CBS-turned-Paramount+ military drama is set to end after its upcoming seventh season, and it’s still hard to believe. While a premiere date has yet to be announced, the cast has already been posting some bittersweet messages from the set. David Boreanaz is continuing that trend, as he posted a grateful message to the fans that has me all in my feels.

The actor, who portrays Master Chief and Bravo-1 Jason Hayes, directed seven episodes of SEAL Team throughout the first six seasons. Now, it would appear that he's set to get behind the camera again for the seventh and final season. Boreanaz took to Instagram, likely either during or after filming his episode, and shared how grateful he is to have directed “some amazing actors and tell these stories for seven seasons.” He also thanked the crew, the writers, and his fellow castmates, declaring that there are many “more creative stories to tell":

Seeing the actor/director just standing there and taking it all in is pretty emotional. It’s great that he was able to direct at least one more episode before the show finishes production. It also sounds like there are still a number of episodes left to film, based on his comment that there are “more creative stories to tell.” I'm not ready to say goodbye to this series just yet, though I'm glad the leading man seemingly has some perspective amid the work.

Filming for SEAL Team began in early January, marking the beginning of the end. Of course, David Boreanaz was quick to share a bittersweet post as he geared up for his last first day. There are bound to be some exciting stories this year as well. The shocking Season 6 finale saw Jason, the rest of Bravo, and many of their fellow SEALs confess their hidden illnesses and disabilities to Command. At this point, there's no telling what's in store for them or what the consequences of their actions will be.

While it's going to be hard to see the series come to an end, at least it'll be getting a proper finale. As of right now, plot details for Season 7 have yet to be released. Still, I expect the series to focus on the aftermath of the Season 6 finale and maybe even the team’s continued grief over the death of Max Thieriot’s Clay Spenser.

A premiere date for the seventh season hasn't been confirmed yet either, and fans will just have to wait for more news on that front. I'd bet that in the meantime though, the cast will likely be sharing photos from set as filming continues. David Boreanaz's latest post is a keen example of just how much the show means to him, and it's also a keen reminder that he appreciates the journey he's had. And we're also lucky to have been on it with him.

While you wait for new episodes to premiere as part of the 2024 TV schedule, grab a Paramount+ subscription so that you can watch all six seasons of SEAL Team to prepare for the final season.