Ashley Graham reveals husband Justin Ervin is ‘shooting blanks’ after 3 kids

Ashley Graham reveals husband Justin Ervin is ‘shooting blanks’ after 3 kids

Ashley Graham revealed her husband, Justin Ervin, had an “easy” vasectomy.

“We’re in full vasectomy mode. He’s shooting blanks now,” the model, who shares three kids with Ervin, said on Wednesday’s episode of “Milk Drunk: The Podcast.”

Graham, 35, explained that the procedure is “so easy” for men and that her husband was up and about shorty after getting snipped.

“It’s like the easiest thing. Justin went shopping with me right after,” Graham joked.

Graham explained that Ervin, 32, wasn’t stuck in bed afterwards, but that “he iced it.”

Ashley Graham on Ashley Graham shared on the “Milk Drunk” podcast that her husband, Justin Ervin, had a vasectomy. YouTube/Bobbi BabyJustin Ervin and Ashley Graham posing for a photo together.Graham said that Ervin is “shooting blanks.” Instagram/@ashleygraham

She also expressed how happy she is not to have to be on birth control after Ervin got the routine operation.

“I don’t have to be on a pill,” Graham said, adding, “Thank god.”

The Sports Illustrated cover girl talked about her husband’s fertility situation after joking that she needed to “have one more,” before confirming that they would definitely not be welcoming any more children together.

Graham and Ervin are parents to Isaac, 3, and 1-year-old twins, Malachi and Roman.

Ashley Graham with her three kids.The model shared that she doesn’t have to be on any birth control because he got the procedure. Instagram/@ashleygrahamJustin Ervin on the floor with their three kids.She and Ervin share three kids: Isaac, Malachi and Roman.Instagram/@ashleygraham

Graham has struggled with feeling comfortable in her own skin after becoming a mom.

“You look very different from what I’m used to,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her “new tummy” covered in stretch marks in November 2022. “But I do appreciate you.”

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Still, she continues to flaunt her curves and even posted a naked photo on Instagram this week where she used just a purse to cover herself in the sexy snap.

Ashley Graham breastfeeding her twins.Graham stopping breastfeeding her twins. Instagram/@ashleygrahamJustin Ervin and Ashley Graham kissing.They tied the knot in 2010. Instagram/@ashleygraham

She also spoke of her difficulties with breastfeeding, telling Chelsea Handler on “The Daily Show” in February that she is “fully depleted of everything.”

“Your body fills up with nutrition, and then the baby sucks it out of you,” Graham, who stopped breastfeeding her twins, explained. “You get acne, the weight doesn’t come off, [and] your boobs go down to here when you’re done.”

Graham — who made headlines last week after her awkward Oscar interview with Hugh Grant went viral — and Ervin got married in 2010.