‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Jess & Blake’s Rocky Relationship Leaves Everyone Anxious Ahead Of Rose Ceremony

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Jess & Blake’s Rocky Relationship Leaves Everyone Anxious Ahead Of Rose Ceremony

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details from Thursday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

This week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise is a short one, since the first hour was co-opted by the finale of The Golden Bachelor. Read that recap here.

But despite only being an hour long, it’s a quite a tumultuous episode.

We pick up right where we left off at the cocktail party before another rose ceremony. The women are handing out the roses, and tensions are high after that comedy roast. Multiple men are unsure where their roses are going to come from.

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Perhaps the biggest question mark is, surprisingly, Blake and Jess. Last week’s episode ended with Blake questioning his relationship with Jess after seeing Katie in Paradise. He pulls her aside for a conversation very quickly into the cocktail party, where he says that seeing his ex brought up some “weird” feelings. Naturally.

It also reminded him how quickly he fell for Katie, even after knowing her for less time. He thinks that he and Jess got off to a great start, but things have been bumpy for them lately. He doesn’t think that strong connection exists between him and Jess, the way it did for him and Katie, so he doesn’t want to keep leading her on.

Surprisingly, Jess agrees. She says it was good in the beginning but she thinks they stopped having fun somewhere along the way. She wanted to see it through, but she also thought she’d be hopelessly in love by this stage. She is far from it. She admits she can’t figure out what’s missing, but she knows something is off.

The pair agree to part amicably, and Blake leaves Paradise ahead of the rose ceremony.

Everyone is pretty shocked by the sudden departure, with Aaron calling it a “wake up call” for those remaining. He thinks it could create a domino effect.

That turns out to be a pretty prescient thought, as Mercedes decides it is time to have a serious conversation with Tyler about where his head is at. She’s been re-evaluating their relationship since last week, when someone wrote in the truth box that Tyler really wasn’t that into her and everyone could see it. During the cocktail party, she straight up asks Tyler if he’s there to find love or if he’d just looking for a fling. She adds that he hasn’t shown much initiative since their first date, and she doesn’t feel like he is pursuing her.

Tyler insists that he’s looking for a relationship but, here’s the kicker, he doesn’t feel a spark with her yet. She’s pretty taken aback, feeling used and led on since Tyler had not indicated to her that he didn’t feel a spark. He tries to save himself by saying he’s still searching for it with her and maybe they have “different definitions” of what a spark is, but she’s done. She tells Tyler he is not getting her rose, and Tyler leaves Paradise.

Another one bites the dust, and people are seriously concerned about this mass exodus in Paradise. The remaining men realize they’ll need to up the ante if they want to stick around. Jordan, Taylor, Tanner and Brayden are all still unsure if they’ll get a rose.

Rachel seems locked in on Jordan. She tells him that there’s no one else she’d rather give a rose to, after Tanner’s comments at the roast (about hoping for Gabby and settling for Rachel) turned her off of him. But Jordan tells the others that he isn’t sure if he can get those romantic feelings back for Rachel. In fact, he came to Paradise interested in Mercedes and, now that she’s single again, he wants to explore that.

He shoots his shot with Mercedes, but she still seems shaken up over ending things with Tyler, so it’s unclear what she’ll do.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Brayden are both hoping for a shot with Jess. Brayden brings her a box of chocolates, reminding her of the time she said that’s all she ever wanted from a guy. Tanner tries to sweep her off her feet by telling her he’s been hoping to get to know her this whole time, but he respects and admires how committed she was to Blake. At this point, looks like Tanner is all in on Jess.

Before long, it’s time for the rose ceremony.

Things start off pretty predictable, with Eliza giving her rose to Aaron. Then Kat gives a rose to John Henry. Kylee offers one to Aven. Olivia gives her rose to Michael. Sam’s goes to Peter. Then, Jess gives hers to Tanner. Awkward for Brayden. Even more awkward when Taylor thinks she called his name, and she has to reject him in front of everyone.

Mercedes goes next, really shaking things up when she chooses Jordan. The look on Rachel’s face is shock, sadness and disappointment all at the same time.

As Rachel contemplates what to do, she takes a moment to herself. When host Jesse Palmer asks her what’s going on, she tells him she needs to leave Paradise without giving out the rose.

Rachel says goodbye, and Brayden and Taylor are both out of luck.

Bachelor in Paradise ends next week with the finale on Thursday, December 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.