‘Batgirl’ Film Extra To Sue Warner Bros After Being Hit By Motorbike On Glasgow Set Of Doomed Movie

‘Batgirl’ Film Extra To Sue Warner Bros After Being Hit  By Motorbike On Glasgow Set Of Doomed Movie

Film extra Cristina Stanovici has detailed the severe injuries she suffered when she was hit by a speeding motorbike on the Glasgow set of the Batgirl movie.

Stanovici told The Sun newspaper that she felt it would have been “easier if she had died” rather than go through multiple surgeries. Her injuries included a broken thigh, shin, hip, pelvis and thumb and a head gash.

The accident happened during late night scenes being filmed in the city centre. The extra, who is 5ft 1in tall, was posing as a bystander when the camera-carrying machine drove into her.

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Stanovici told the newspaper: “They had a motorcycle with cameras on top of it that was filming.

“It hit me from the right side and I went flying in the air. 

“I started screaming to get the attention of the paramedics as I remembered seeing an ambulance on site in the previous days.

“I lay there for almost an hour while they checked me and stabilised me.”

She was in intensive care for three days, and remains in pain more than 17 months later, with a rod remaining in her leg.

Filming took place between November 2021 and March 2022. A report was filed with the Health and Safety Executive, which regulates workplace wellbeing. The Sun reports that Stanovici has instructed a legal firm to sue Warner Bros for compensation.

The $90m film was subsequently scrapped by then incoming Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav, despite filming having been completed, reportedly after poor reviews at test screenings. Last year, The Guardian reported that Warner Bros Discovery were holding a series of discreet screenings for the unreleased film starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser.