Baywatch And OnlyFans Star Donna D'Errico Opens Up About The Request She Gets Most From Fans

Baywatch And OnlyFans Star Donna D'Errico Opens Up About The Request She Gets Most From Fans

‘90s TV icon Donna D’Errico has seen a resurgence in popularity after the former Baywatch actress became one of the bigger names to head to OnlyFans. While she’s been open about taking flack for some bikini photos and more, her career on the platform has been lucrative, and she revealed the most common request she gets more than a year into the gig. 

Interestingly, early on she got some of the same requests fellow Baywatch alum Carmen Electra gets on OF: feet requests. However, after a smattering of people were interested in her tootsies, she now says a lot of the people who follow her are looking for more of “the girlfriend experience.” She elaborated:

In the beginning I got some requests for feet. I don’t really get that anymore. Now they mostly want to see me in everyday life. Just the real me, maybe wearing a t-shirt, making coffee. That kind of thing. That’s the biggest request. So they like that, it gives them what I kind of think is the girlfriend experience.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised she doesn't mostly get requests to throw on the iconic red Baywatch swimsuit. Particularly given there are other celebrity look-alikes on OnlyFans that often gets asked to do some form of movie cosplay. A Megan Fox look-alike revealed she gets asked to dress like the famous Transformers character the most, for one example. But it seems D'Errico's fans want the simple things, and she also elaborated to Fox News that often they request she even go makeup-free and share aspects of her everyday life at home.

Donna Derrico also noted that she has loved being a part of boudoir-type photoshoots. She doesn’t have a partner in her personal life to take these photos for and they, frankly, make her feel good about herself.

They make me feel feminine and beautiful and sexy. I have a reason to do it, and there’s men that appreciate it and stuff. Plus, the money is another aspect. It’s just way more than I anticipated it would be.

People join the subscription platform for a slew of different reasons, but Donna D'Errico said for her the ability to have fun while making money is a big win. It's a reason that other celebrities from Bhad Bhabie to Carmen Electra to Denise Richards and her daughter Sami Sheen have joined the platform. And many of these celebrities like Danielle Bregoli have the receipts to prove it. 

There are a slew of reasons that people join and build fanbases, and while all of them are likely looking to make a little extra money, as D'Errico noted, many accounts engage in all different kinds of activities for fans. Her former co-star previously also talked about one of the major pros of the site, with Carmen Electra admitting she likes being her "own creator" and not reliant on what work is available at any given time. While OnlyFans has faced some ups and downs since its inception, it sounds like this actress has no regrets.