Bella Thorne Claims Smoking Pot Helped Her Handle Anxiety

Bella Thorne Claims Smoking Pot Helped Her Handle Anxiety

Bella Thorne has always been in the news for controversial issues. She started off as a child model in the entertainment business and gained fame after her role in the Disney series “Shake It Up.” 

Like many Disney stars, Thorne has constantly tried to shake off the overly PG image of the Disney brand. She’s appeared in several shows, movies, and series. She has also recorded several songs and tried her hand at directing too after directing the adult movie, “Her&Him,” which won Pornhub’s Vision Award in 2019

Bella Thorne at the 'PUMA x Balmain- created with Cara Delevingne' LA Launch Event at the Milk Studios on November 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, CAMEGA

Currently, the actress has decided to explore the cannabis industry following her stint with the substance. She recently partnered with Glass House Farms to launch her own cannabis company, Forbidden Flowers.

Read on for more details about her drug use and the company. 

‘It Completely Changed My Life’

In her Cannabis Now Magazine interview, the actress shared how she started taking weed at a young age and how it influenced her life for the better.

“My body was kind of rejecting me at this time in my life,” Thorne said, referring to her anxiety. “And with anxiety not being really talked about, you know, that wasn’t something we ever talked about in my family. So, having none of these answers and feeling completely hopeless, weed helped me so much with that. It completely changed my life. I was coming to this point where doctors were putting me on pills, and I was so young.”

Bella Thorne is seen attending the 2021 amfAR Gala at Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, California.MEGA

After the doctors prescribed Adderall to mitigate her anxiety and it didn’t work, her brother then advised her to try cannabis.

‘Oh, this will help her sleep,'” Thorne said, recalling her brother’s words. “It was hardcore! At the time, I was like, ‘I’m never smoking weed again after this.'”

She admitted that while the pot use improved her life tremendously, there was a pushback from her parents, but they’ve since come around.

“She [her mom] has really seen how much weed helps my anxiety,” Thorne added. “[She] has seen me where the symptoms really start to come on, I get upset and my breath gets really tight. She sees me smoking weed, sees what a capable human I am, and she gets it.”

Thorne Launched Her Cannabis Company In 2019

The Disney actress took her love for cannabis a step further and launched a business that partnered with other cannabis companies to help rebrand pot from an illicit drug to a helpful one.

“I was smoking weed when that was taboo,” she began. “I started a weed company when that was taboo; so, you know, people in the public are like, ‘Oh my god, this girl must be out here being crazy. She must be partying every night and…’ I don’t even know what they think! There are just a lot of crazy assumptions about me out there.”

Chiara Sampaio at the amfAR Cannes Gala 2021 during the 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Villa Eilenroc on July 16, 2021 in Cap d'Antibes, France. CAP/GOL. 16 Jul 2021 Pictured: Bella Thorne.MEGA

Now, she explained, “People are like, ‘Oh, [Forbidden Flowers] is an actual business.'”

“Whatever they think a stoner is like, it’s not the best person in their opinion,” she added. “They don’t think highly of it. But now they do. Now people say, ‘OK, she’s really a businesswoman. And this thing that I used to think was a dirty thing has built her a piece of her going-to-be empire.’ So, I think that really resonates. Cannabis becomes more acceptable. Some people may still frown on it, but if they realize it’s just a job, then it becomes OK.”

Thorne Was Once Against Weed

The actress admitted that she was once “super, super, against weed as a teenager.”

“When I was 16, my boyfriend smoked weed and I would get so upset,” she admitted. “I thought it was the devil’s lettuce. I was always the really good two-shoes — the one that was the teacher’s pet in that annoying sense.”

Currently, she has a pantry that is entirely devoted to pot.

She Admits To Polyamory Being Another Source Of Happiness

It’d appear that Thorne is advocating for all things taboo and intending to break all social stigmas. In her interview with Cosmopolitan, she opened up about being pansexual and polyamorous and how it’s impacted her life. She also added that it wasn’t for everyone.

London, UK. Bella Thorne at the Fashion Awards 2019, at Royal Albert Hall, London, December 2nd 2019MEGA

“You’re either down or you’re not down and I totally understand if you’re not down,” she said. “A lot of people are actually down and it totally changes their mind. At first they’re like, gasp, how do you even do that And then we talk it through and they’re like, ‘Wow, that actually sounds kind of beautiful.'”

She continued, “It’s a really fun experience and I have been able to capture that a couple times, and I just love that idea. I love loving two people at once. I love sharing stories with three people in one room. So, I’m always trying to find ways to make it work because I think it really would make me happy.”