Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez's Kids Pushing For Reconciliation Ahead Of The Singer's 55th Birthday

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez's Kids Pushing For Reconciliation Ahead Of The Singer's 55th Birthday

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's children are reportedly trying to get them to reconcile amid news of their marital woes.

The children believe their parents are deeply in love and encourage them to continue counseling.

Ben Affleck's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is said to support the actor and Jennifer Lopez, as she wants what is best for the kids.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Kids 'Don't Want Them To Divorce'

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the Lakers vs. Boston gameMEGA

Lopez and Affleck have reportedly been living apart for several months, with the singer spending time in Europe and the Hamptons with friends, while Affleck has been working in Los Angeles.

Their children, who used to be together often, are now also living apart due to their parents' marital troubles.

Affleck's kids, Violet, 18, Fin, 15, and Samuel, 12, are with him and Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Lopez's 16-year-old twins, Max and Emme, have mostly stayed with her.

According to reports, the five children are now trying to help Lopez and Affleck reconcile. A source told the Daily Mail, "The kids think Jennifer and Ben are really, deeply in love, like soul mates, and they don't want them to divorce."

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"They want them to work it out for better or for worse, like their vows said. And they do feel that the two should continue counseling and talking it out, even if it is painful. They feel like if they do and say the right things that there could be more peace," the source added.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Kids Highlight Each Parent's Positive Attributes

Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck arrive at the World Premiere Of Amazon Studios' 'Air'MEGA

The insider shared that the children are eager for Affleck and Lopez to reconcile before her 55th birthday on July 24 and hope "they could all celebrate together for a mellow family party in Los Angeles."

The children are said to be "highlighting the positive attributes each" parent has to help them make peace.

The insider noted that the "Gone Girl" actor, while intelligent and funny, can be prickly and grumpy.

"He is a prickly one, he can be grumpy, that is true for sure, he is not a happy-go-lucky kind of dude, even if he is very intelligent and funny. The kids are trying to get him to lighten up and let stuff go," the source added.

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On the other hand, Lopez is urged to work less and relax more. "The twins' dad Marc Anthony has always said that: Jenny needs to relax and enjoy her life more, he told her for years and years to do this. Now Max and Emme are doing the same," the source explained.

The children have an additional motive: they all enjoy each other's company and want to stay united as a family.

"The kids get along great, especially Emme and Fin, they are best friends and talk every day," the insider said. "They tell Ben and Jenny, hey don't give up, don't lose this."

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Why Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have Yet To Announce Their Divorce

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck take a private cruise on the Seine riverMEGA

According to the Daily Mail, an insider revealed that a divorce announcement was supposed to take place over the 4th of July weekend, but it didn't happen.

"There might be a delay or plans to split for good may be called off, no one is really sure now, not even her close friends really know," said the source. "Everyone has been waiting for the bombshell news they have lawyered up and are ready to split but it has not come,"

Regarding Affleck's ex-wife, Garner, she's supportive of whatever is best for the children. "She is a supermom and always puts the kids first so if the kids want Ben and Jennifer to get back together, she is on board with that," another source shared.

The Couple Spent The Fourth Of July Apart

Jennifer LopezMEGA

Lopez celebrated the Fourth of July far away from her husband and their marital troubles.

According to People Magazine, the entertainer was in the Hamptons, hanging out with her manager, Benny Medina, and other close pals.

Lopez, donning a stylish Dior tote bag, was spotted shopping for plants and wearing her wedding ring, which she recently ditched in a video clip shared on her beauty brand's Instagram page.

While Lopez was having fun in the Hamptons, Affleck spent time with his children in Los Angeles.

The "Good Will Hunting" star was spotted with two of his kids on Wednesday while flaunting his wedding band, which he has also been seen not wearing on multiple occasions.

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Can Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Still Save Their Marriage?

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez in a carMEGA

UsWeekly recently reported that there is a "sliver of hope" for Affleck and Lopez to reconcile. "Jennifer suggested they take time to figure things out," a source said.

Another source told the publication that the couple, dubbed Bennifer 2.0, "still haven't made a decision" about splitting.

"They are going through so much individually and as a couple," the insider claimed. "They may take some time to see if this complicated moment can resolve itself and they come back to each other [as] better people."

The last time Lopez and Affleck were seen together publicly was on June 2 at his son Samuel's basketball game in Los Angeles, where they shared an awkward cheek kiss.

According to People, Affleck collected the last of his belongings from their shared home while Lopez was vacationing in Italy last month.