Ben Affleck Was Previously Seen With His Wedding Ring Still On. Allegedly, That’s Not The Whole Story

Ben Affleck Was Previously Seen With His Wedding Ring Still On. Allegedly, That’s Not The Whole Story

When celebrities are allegedly going through a tough time, insiders  come out of the woodworks to make details known. When that happens, fans often look for clues about trouble in paradise. So has been true about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship timeline in recent weeks as rumors have swirled and fans have looked for updates. JLo appearing solo on red carpets? Trouble in paradise. Jennifer Garner visiting Ben Affleck? More commentary. 

No matter that Ben Affleck has been busy filming The Accountant 2 while JLo does press for Atlas. No matter that Garner and Affleck’s daughter graduated from high school last week, giving the former couple every reason to need to be in communication. Appearances can be deceiving, and while oppositely the two actors were spotted still wearing their wedding rings a week ago, there's allegedly more to the story surrounding that moment too. Let’s unpack it.

What's Reportedly Been Going On With Ben And JLo

Rumors began running around in mid-May mentioning there may be some troubles between Affleck and Lopez, though previous reports from more than half a year ago said  “the honeymoon phase” was over a while ago. Separate houses in Hollywood were mentioned, but a week ago, following rumors the couple might be having troubles, they presented a united front. In fact, they both appeared in public with their wedding rings clearly visible around the same time. 

That didn’t stop the rumor mill, but it did seem to be an indication that if there was trouble it hadn’t progressed past a certain point. Now, however, there’s been a new report about the wedding rings. I’ll call it “The Curious Case Of The On And Off Wedding Rings.” 

More Info On The Story About Ben Affleck And On And Off Rings

While a few days ago we heard Ben Affleck was still wearing his ring, now there's some new info from the set of his new movie The Accountant 2. Thursday, he was spotted heading to his trailer without his wedding band on. Sure, plenty of actors wander around movie sets without a band on given they are in and out of costumes all day, and this would normally not be commented on. And yet…

This is the second time Affleck has been spotted without his ring after a stint last weekend in which he was photographed without it. Last weekend, shortly after the ring photos were taken, he was seen arriving to a recital for one of his kids sans a band on his left hand. On the set of The Accountant 2, he was heading into his trailer. Then, Page Six also reports a third incident in which Ben Affleck allegedly tried to hide his ring hand on Thursday when he was picking up his third child, Samuel, from school.  

As I’m writing this story, I’m currently not wearing my wedding band (still in my PJs, don’t judge me) and if Affleck has been coming from set to other activities, he might not bother with it either. There’s plenty of precedent for why someone might take off a ring that has nothing to do with marriage troubles, but I’d wager people know when there is press heat on them, and if there aren’t issues, it’s a curious choice too. 

Still, the frenzy surrounding the ups and downs of Affleck and JLo the first time around is well-documented. In fact, the two of them have spoken out about the scrutiny on their relationship the first time around. Lopez called the experience absolutely "brutal.

It was brutal. It was brutal. It’s one of those things that you bury very deeply so you can move on and get about your business. It’s funny because Ben and I were together, and we were so in love. It was one of the happiest times of my life

Now history is repeating itself a bit. Meanwhile, the couple is at least keeping busy on the work front. Jennifer Lopez is on a whirlwind Atlas tour, where her co-star Simu Liu has been fending off unwanted questions. Affleck is busy filming the long-awaited The Accountant 2. They are both clearly very busy. We'll keep you posted.