Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Week 7 Veto, And Why It Saved One Houseguest Who Was Ready To Quit

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Week 7 Veto, And Why It Saved One Houseguest Who Was Ready To Quit

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Sunday, September 17th. Read at your own risk!

Izzy Fields' surprising eviction, thanks to a vote flip spurred by Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez, turned Big Brother Season 25 on its head. Jared Fields' Head of Household win only made the game more chaotic, as people waited to see if he'd exact vengeance on those responsible for the vote flip. Well, the veto winner has made certain that his plan will go through, and it might've saved one Houseguest, who signaled she was ready to quit, from leaving.

Cory and America are on the block right now but, obviously, the veto winner has the power to give one of them safety. Here's who won the competition, that contestant's plan and the bizarre sacrifice one player wanted to make if Jared's original machinations for the week didn't pan out. 

Jag Bains on Big Brother

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Jag Won The Veto In Week 7

Jag Bains hasn't played the best social game on Big Brother, but he's just secured his latest competition win since capturing the Week 3 veto. Jag could stir up more chaos by refusing to use the veto and honoring his promise to provide safety for Cameron Hardin. Doing so would force the Houseguests to vote between America and Cory and shake up the game even more. 

Based on what CinemaBlend has seen while watching Big Brother online with a Paramount+ subscription, it doesn't seem like Jag will honor the deal with Cam. With that, he'll plan on using the veto to save either Cory or America. Should that happen, Jared will nominate Cameron, and he'll almost certainly go home this week. It's certainly a betrayal after Cam did Jag that solid the week prior by not nominating him but, hey, that's the game!

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Cirie Fields in Big Brother on CBS

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Cirie Wanted Jared To Nominate Her If Cameron Won

One interesting development that occured over the weekend was Cirie Fields pulling Jared aside and making a wild request of him. Cirie told her son that if Cameron won the veto this week and was unable to be nominated, she would like to be put on the block. Jared was understandably shocked by his mother's favor, which seemingly came out of nowhere.

Cirie justified the move by saying that the rest of the house had caught on to their close alliance, even if they didn't explicitly know they're mother and son. Cirie seemed to believe their odds of winning the game -- even with her masterful Survivor-inspired gameplay -- have been quickly diminishing. If they couldn't get Cameron out this week, then the best possible move, in her eyes, was for Jared to nominate her. Doing so would throw the other Houseguests off guard and, while it would likely end with her eviction, she felt it would give Jared a much better chance of winning Season 25 than he currently has. 

With the plan to backdoor Cameron seemingly still on track, Cirie has no reason to be the sacrificial lamb. Unfortunately, her concern for her and Jared's game is real and, with the upcoming double-eviction, I think Jared stands a very good chance of being sent home before jury. Cirie might be the better social player, but her son is far and away the most athletic and dominant competitor in Season 25. If he doesn't win immunity for himself in the veto next week or Cirie wins Head of Household, I'd imagine he's as good as gone. 

Catch up on Big Brother Season 25 right now on Paramount+, because the game is really getting intense. I'd also suggest getting into the live feeds, if you aren't already, because they haven't been this exciting to watch in some time.