Blake Lively Posted Sweetest Tribute To Taylor Swift And Beyoncé, But It's Her Signature Sense Of Humor That Really Got Me

Blake Lively Posted Sweetest Tribute To Taylor Swift And Beyoncé, But It's Her Signature Sense Of Humor That Really Got Me

Over the last year, we’ve seen two absolutely iconic women running the world with their best-selling global tours and massively popular concert films on the 2023 movie schedule. These two icons are obviously Beyoncé and Taylor Swift – who released Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé and Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. So, to emphasize just how empowering their musical feats are, Blake Lively took to Instagram to pay tribute to their achievements with a hint of her signature sense of humor, and it really got me.

We all know that Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are besties, and the former Gossip Girl star has shown her love for the pop star before. So, when the "Anti-Hero" singer attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance premiere in London, the actress came along, and she took to Instagram to post about her admiration for both musicians. Uploading a series of incredible photos of herself with the two pop stars, Lively also wrote a heartfelt message about women in entertainment. She made sure to point out how empowering it has been to see the singers work against the expectation that they’d be pitted against each other, writing:

When I grew up, women were always pit against one another. It took me until adulthood to see that the instinct for women to lift each other up to their highest potential is the norm not the exception. Most of my best friends are women who would’ve been packaged to me as threats or competition. It’s our job to show younger generations the power in aligning rather than dividing.

Ever since these two mega tours began, but specifically after Beyoncé announced her theatrical concert release a few months after Swift released the Eras Tour the same way, comparisons of the two gargantuan pop stars have been overwhelming. However, rather than competing against each other, the “Cruel Summer” and “Break My Soul” singers have stood as a united front, with both women attending the premieres of both concert films. 

It’s an empowering message to send to everyone, but especially women, that we’re all stronger if we work together and not against one another, as Lively pointed out. 

While her message is so sincere and incredibly important, the A Simple Favor star also had to throw a tad of her sarcastic and absolutely hysterical sense of humor into the mix. After explaining how empowered she was by the two artists, she made sure to note that they should also not feel threatened by her own “pop stardom.” I couldn’t help but snicker about his funny way to close out the post:

All this to say, @beyonce and @taylorswift neither of you have to be threatened by my pop stardom. There’s space for us all.

If you’ve followed Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ relationship, you know they’re known for trolling each other while simultaneously supporting one another. Their shared signature sense of sarcastic humor is legendary, and the fact that the actress applied it to her post about Swift and Beyoncé is the best thing ever. 

Overall, I’m seriously obsessed with Blake Lively’s post about her powerhouse friends, and her “pop stardom” comment will live in my brain rent-free for the foreseeable future. 

While Blake Lively isn’t the pop star her friends are, she is a powerful and empowering woman in her own right who is working on her company Betty Buzz as well as the upcoming adaptation of It Ends With Us, which we can’t wait to learn more about. As for her pals, Taylor Swift’s list of projects is long, and she’ll continue to travel the world with her Eras Tour. Meanwhile, Beyonce just released her concert film, and you can catch Renaissance in theaters now.