Brad Pitt Is Train-Mendous In New Film ‘Bullet Train’

Brad Pitt Is Train-Mendous In New Film ‘Bullet Train’

Have you ever wanted to see a film that was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Michael Bay and Robert Rodriguez with elements of action films the likes of Speed, The Rock, Mission Impossible and Crank along with ingredients of your favorite episode of Looney Tunes with a dash of what it would be like if John Woo directed a fight scene that would take place on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Then Bullet Train takes pieces from all of that and throws it into a movie-making blender to at least present the most unique movie experience for everyone going to theaters this summer. And with all that on the plate, it just may be the movie you have waited for forever or a film you’ll want to avoid for the rest of your life.

Regardless, keep reading as this will be a spoiler-free review the rest of the way.

Bullet Train Is Completely On & Off The Rails

Bullet TrainCourtesy of Sony

Bullet Train stars the a-TRACK-tive and brilliant Brad Pitt in a role that has more twists and turns than his never-ending divorce with Angelina Jolie. Directed by David Leitch, who is known for films with tremendous action and fun the likes of Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, and Hobbs and Shaw continue the wildness with the help of a speeding train and bad guys straight out of the WWE.

Filled with fun fights, goofy gore, and mantras from Thomas the Tank Engine, the stylized and action-filled film is full of tremendous set pieces, explosions and so much more that must have been as fun to shoot as it is to watch.

Based on Kōtarō Isaka’s 2010 novel, Bullet Train follows a former hitman played by Pitt by the codename of Ladybug as he embarks on a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto to get his hands on a very important briefcase. Of course, everything is meant to go smoothly and easily, but Pitt’s character has a constant string of bad luck and baddies after him with names like The Prince, The Wolf, The Hornet, and a duo of alleged twins, that aren’t twins named Tangerine and Lemon.

The film toes the line of being silly, serious, stupendous and sensational, and even sometimes stupid, but in a good way. Pitt takes control of the film more as a goofy and gunless hero and seems to get into situations that Ferris Bueller would get himself into and equally out of at the same time.

That provides the charm of the film but as much as the fun it brings, it is also like chewing gum. Enjoy it for a bit and then spit it out, forget about it until it is on TV in the future to enjoy again. The film is filled with many plot twists and has a cast that is convinced that everything they are doing is as real as it gets but also a cast that is playing their parts to a quirky potential that can only be admired, because you should have fun at your job, and this seems to be the film that everyone had a good time making.

The film is never frustrating and doesn’t give you a chance to roll your eyes as we are invested in all the characters but don’t really care if they live or die, as long as it results in a satisfying crescendo, that is all that matters. It hits those marks more than not thankfully winking its eye to the audience during every turn to say, we thank you for taking the ride with us.

Overall, there is so much that happens in this movie, even though it should be about 20 minutes less in running time, but the uniqueness and the playfulness are going to make that popcorn go down a lot easier. In other words, this could have been the worst movie of all time, but so much more works with the whole presentation that it is safe to say you’ll have an epic time in the theater.

Because once you get to the final credits, you’ll realize that you were TRAIN-sported to a world where the movie is only meant to provide enjoyment and that is exactly what it brings, so we say run to the theaters to see Brad Pitt and the gang get into a ton of fun-filled shenanigans. Because if you don’t, we feel the rest of the world will.

Bullet Train Will Be Number One With A… Bullet At The Box Office

What we will say is whether you end up liking or disliking this film, you’ll at least have to admit that it is a film that needs to be made. The movie is on pace to make a ton of money at the box office. And it should because we need this type of fun movie in theaters.

Projections have Bullet Train making up to $30 Million dollars at the box office this weekend, but we think that might be understating to the power of Pitt’s stardom and people’s genuine interest in seeing this film. Though the film is R-rated, it seems as if people of all ages will end up seeing this film with friends, and family, and dare we say, it could also be a great date movie.

It is a different movie than what we normally see during the summer as it is not a Marvel or DC or even a Star Wars film. It is a film headlined by a huge worldwide star trying to do something a little different in his career and provide something that is lots of fun, even if it takes inspiration from past loved projects. The film had Sony spend more than $90 Million on production and marketing costs, so it will need some staying power in theaters, and we think it might actually exceed initial expectations. We will find out in just a few days. Our prediction is that the film will make $56 Million dollars on its opening weekend.

And we will all find out how things turn out as Bullet Train hits theaters on Aug. 5th.