Britney Spears' Birthday Reunion With Mom Lynne Was 'Wonderful,' And It Sounds Like She's Trying To Make Peace With Jamie Lynn, Too

Britney Spears' Birthday Reunion With Mom Lynne Was 'Wonderful,' And It Sounds Like She's Trying To Make Peace With Jamie Lynn, Too

Britney Spears has been open about a number of aspects of her personal life, and that includes her relationships with her relatives. Spears has made various allegations against her family and, at times, it’s seemed the brood wouldn’t be able to mend fences. Things seem to be looking up in some ways, though, as the pop princess has apparently been reconciling with some members of the family. Spears reportedly just had a “wonderful” birthday reunion with her mother, Lynne. Not only that, but it seems the songstress is now also looking to make peace with her sister, Jamie Lynn, as well. 

What’s The Status Of Britney Spears’ Relationship With Her Mother?

The singer and her mother got together this past Friday, to celebrate the Grammy winner’s birthday, which is on December 2. They along, with Britney Spears’ brother, Bryan, allegedly got together at the abode of Cade Hudson – the Crossroads alum’s manager and best friend. TMZ caught up with 68-year-old Lynne Spears as she was preparing to board a flight to Louisiana at LAX this week following the b-day get-together. She didn’t have much to say to the outlet but did mention that the festivities were “wonderful” and that Britney is “happy.”

It’s reasonable to say that the “Oops!... I Did It Again” singer has a complex relationship with her mama. Throughout much of 2022, the veteran entertainer hurled allegations at one another. A positive new chapter in that saga seemingly began in early 2023, though, after Britney and Lynne Spears met up after three years of being estranged. For her part, Britney had a lot of thoughts about reuniting with her mother after so many years. She seemed to relish the opportunity, stating that she felt “so blessed we were able to try to make things RIGHT.” 

It’s lovely to hear that the mother and daughter are reportedly finding common ground after several years of being apart. And if sources are to be believed, another mea culpa could happen between the 42-year-old starlet and her sis.

Where Do Britney And Jamie Lynn Spears Stand At This Point?

32-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears has also not been spared from her older sister’s series of allegations. Britney claimed the Zoey 101 star “exploited her for monetary gain” while going after the latter’s memoir. and didn’t lend support while she was under her conservatorship. Jamie Lynn wasn’t present for the intimate-sounding shindig days ago. However, TMZ reports that Britney purportedly wanted her to be there, though the actress and reality TV star couldn’t make it because she was working on a show internationally. A source for the news outlet added more thoughts on where the “Circus” performer’s head is when it comes to her family: 

Britney wants to make things right with her family. She thinks it's time to start healing.

This year, the Sweet Magnolias star reflected on past drama within the Spears clan. Jamie Lynn stated that she has “nothing but absolute love for every single one of my family members.” So at this point, one gets the impression that both she and her sibling are ready to bury the hatchet. Whether that actually happens is still up in the air at the moment, though.

In the meantime though, it’s at least sweet to hear that Britney and Lynn Spears have reportedly had some time to reconnect. Time will tell whether their relationship is completely re-solidified as time goes on.