Britney Spears Posted, Then Deleted A Nice Comment About Pamela Anderson That Simultaneously Seemed To Shade Her Own Kids

Britney Spears Posted, Then Deleted A Nice Comment About Pamela Anderson That Simultaneously Seemed To Shade Her Own Kids

Pamela Anderson’s documentary Pamela, a Love Story has made waves after premiering on Netflix, with many weighing in on it, including Britney Spears. The popstar praised the Baywatch star, noting the support Anderson’s kids have given their mother, which led to Spears simultaneously shading her own kids a bit. 

Spears took to Instagram in a now-deleted stories post to praise Anderson and reflect on some of the parallels in their lives. The “Toxic” singer specifically noted the support Anderson has received from her sons Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger Lee, who stood by her side at the documentary’s premiere. The pop star wrote, and then deleted:

I’m such a fan of Pamela Anderson … she was the only sex icon at one time in America and she still is!!!I really respect the fact that her children stood up for her relating to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from the past!!!

Anderson’s kids really did show their support for their mother and her documentary. Brandon was a producer on the film, and praised his mother on the red carpet, saying he’s “never met a woman as brave" as her. He continued to say loving words about his mother while telling Access Hollywood

I think a lot of sons would say that, but I truly mean that. She’s been a bulldog protecting me and my brother my whole life, and I think this is a fantastic opportunity for me to step up and be there and get this story right and showcase the real her and our real family to the world.

While Anderson’s sons have been very supportive of their mother, Spears' relationship with her kids has been more strained. She shares two sons with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and there has been quite a bit of drama between them, including Jayden not going to her wedding

Spears went on to talk about documentaries that have been made about her, and how her kids responded, writing: 

They said, ‘Why the hell bring up things that happened 20 years ago if that really messed up my mom???’ Referring to the embarrassing subject being sold in a comedic TV comparison… I mean when I read THAT, I was like DAMN!!! With 4 documentaries released about me last year with people I adore speaking up about my past!!! THAT alone was almost as hard as what I went through in my past!!!!

The singer has opened up about some of the documentaries made about her,  including the special about her conservatorship. When Spears’ conservatorship was coming to an end, lots of documentaries were released about her, including the Hulu documentary Framing Britney Sears, which raised a lot of questions. So, all things considered, her response to Anderson’s Netflix film makes sense. 

Spears ultimately showed a lot of love for Anderson's documentary and reflected on her own relationship with her kids because of it. If you are interested in watching the film where Pamela Anderson opens up about lots of topics, including her time on Baywatch and how “sick” Pam and Tommy made her, you can stream Pamela, a Love Story with a Netflix subscription.