Burglars Reportedly Attempted To Break Into Arsenio Hall’s Home Twice!

Burglars Reportedly Attempted To Break Into Arsenio Hall’s Home Twice!

Comedian and talk show host, Arsenio Hall, was the victim of an attempted burglary of his LA home, not once but twice! The attempts to burgle his home proved abortive, as he was at home at both times.

Hall rose to fame in the 1990s when he made appearances on shows such as “ABC’s Half Hour Comedy Hour” and “Coming to America.” Hall is popularly known as the first successful Black late-night talk show host. Following the recent attack, speculations abound that he was the primary target. The cops and general public are concerned about his safety.

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Arsenio Hall Was The Victim Of A Burglary, Twice!

Hall was at home when he heard a loud bang downstairs. According to TMZHall investigated the cause of the noise and found the glass of his sliding door broken. Someone was attempting to enter the house. Startled from finding him at home, the burglar fled.

This incident is the second time a break-in has been attempted at Hall’s residence. Per TMZ, the first incident took place in August of this year. Interestingly, the incident is very much similar to the first attack. At both times, the burglars escaped without stealing anything, most likely because Hall was at home.

Cops Believe Arsenio Hall May Have Been A Target

The cops were immediately alerted as soon as the attack took place. However, just like in the first incident, they arrived after the burglars had escaped and thus were unable to apprehend them. TMZ reported that the cops are studying the surveillance videos from and around Hall’s residence to try to identify the suspects.

Hall’s presence at the time of the attempted burglaries hasn’t gone unnoticed. Speculations have been made on whether it is the same people involved in both accidents or if Hall is being targeted in the guise of a burglary incident. Fans hope for Hall’s safety, whatever the outcome may be, keeping in mind that he may not be so lucky the third time.

He Recently Returned To The Limelight 

Before the attempts to burgle Hall’s home, he had just returned to Television as recently as 2016. Running a talk show as far back as 1989, Hall had carved his niche in the entertainment world.

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Hall became a single parent in September of 1999 after his relationship with his son’s mother hit the rocks. He was then presented with the tough decision of raising his family or riding the high of his talk show. Hall chose his family. As a result, he stepped back from the entertainment biz entirely to cater to his son as a single parent.

To the delight of his fans, Hall made a comeback in 2016. Starting by hosting the ABC show “Greatest Hits,” featured in “Sandy Wexler,” he topped the icing with his comeback role in the famous movie sequel, “Coming to America 2”.

Arsenio Hall’s Strides in Entertainment

Hall’s growth in the entertainment industry has been paved with twists and turns. Growing up with a passion for entertainment, Hall practiced interviewing celebrities. Per Encyclopedia.com, he also took lessons in magic, music, and puppetry. This marked the beginning of Hall’s excellent career as an entertainer. One of which is his Emmy-nominated talk show – “The Arsenio Hall Show” – which made him a household name in the United States.

While there had been a slight hitch as he stepped back from entertainment to focus on his family and catering for his son, Hall has shown that there is nothing to be missed with his comeback to the entertainment industry.

However, with the recent attempts to rob his home, everyone hopes for Hall’s safety, keeping in mind that he might not be so lucky the third time.