Carol Burnett’s Daughter Wants Back Into Son’s Life Amid Substance Abuse Drama

Carol Burnett’s Daughter Wants Back Into Son’s Life Amid Substance Abuse Drama

The drama within legendary actress Carol Burnett's family continues with her daughter fighting to reinsert herself into her son's life.

Things went south for "The Carol Burnett Show" star's daughter, Erin Hamilton, when she lost custody of her son due to her substance abuse issues.

In new legal documents obtained by The Blast, the 55-year-old claims she is sober enough to earn visitation rights  something her son’s guardian is vehemently against.

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Carol Burnett's Daughter Implores The Court For Visitation Rights To Her Son's Graduation

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In her legal filing, Hamilton implored the court for an order to resume her visitations, thereby allowing her to attend her son's graduation in May 2024.

She stressed that this request is based on the extended delay of an evidentiary hearing initially scheduled in January. The hearing in question has been moved multiple times, with the latest date set for September 2024.

This new date did not sit right with Hamilton, who lamented that she would miss a crucial part of her son's life if the court continued to deny her visitation rights. Her argument, per the documents, read:

"Not being able to visit a child or attend a significant life event because of court delays on a hearing date set for January 2024 is indeed harm that can't be fixed."

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Erin Hamilton Claims She Is Sober

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Hamilton came prepared with proof to back her request, adding a declaration of her sobriety and reformed personality. She claimed that she has been "completely sober since July 27, 2023," and attached proof of the drug test she took last week.

In the attached document, Hamilton tested negative for "Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, MDA-Analogues, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP)." That wasn't all, she penned a remorseful note to the court, admitting:

"I have had troubles in the past. I take full responsibility for my actions that have caused a tremendous amount of pain and suffering for members of my family and friends that love me."

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Although Hamilton accepted part of the responsibility in the court's decision to take away her visitation rights, she claimed other parties were interfering in her relationship with her sons.

"I feel that this is a punitive situation brought on by people trying to keep me away from my son until he moves out of state," the heartbroken mother alleged, noting her family members involved in the case were unwilling to see who she is today.