Celebrity Stylist Johnny Wujek Manifests Gen-Z Prom Line Collab With JCPenney

Celebrity Stylist Johnny Wujek Manifests Gen-Z Prom Line Collab With JCPenney

Johnny Wujek is living a manifestation that’s come to fruition and he’s excited to share it with the world!

The award-winning celebrity costume designer, known for his adventurous looks and big name clients, has partnered with JCPenney for what he’s called a “manifestation” that’s “magical.” JCProm with Johnny Wujek releases on February 29 in select stores and on JCPenney.com

JCProm With Johnny Wujek Is A Manifestation Come True!

Johnny WujekJCPenney

Wujek told The Blast that he’s always wanted to design a prom line and now, he’s living that dream thanks to a collaboration with JCPenney.

“This has been a manifestation of over a decade of something that I’ve wanted to do, launching a prom dress line. I grew up in the Midwest so prom for me was like the Grammys, so when I moved to LA and actually was at the Grammys and going to these things and these big events I was like, this is so major. Who would have thought that this kid from the Midwest was out here doing this,” he told The Blast exclusively.

“So, this was such a cool way for me to bring the glitz and glam back to my community and across the company by partnering up with JCPenney to launch this prom dress line. So it’s really cool how the universe worked out and it’s happening now and it’s the right time. It’s gonna be a very exciting, very Johnny Wujek, taking influence from my stage performances and the red carpets and these events and bringing them to high school teenagers for their special night of prom.” 

Johnny Wujek for JCPenneyJCPenney

The collection will include 22 “super versatile” pieces that’s gender fluid. Wujek said, “it’s for every body and everybody.” When asked if he has a favorite piece in the collection, he said that’s a hard one to narrow down.

“Everybody can wear all the pieces and mix and match the suiting and the gowns and I love a reveal so there’s a reversible skirt, so there’s two in one pieces, there’s a coat tail that zips off into a little short crop tuxedo jacket,” he said. “So it’s hard to pick one because there’s so many, but I think the one that’s gonna stand out the most is gonna be this little mini bow dress. It’s super editorial, it’s super colorful. Whoever walks into prom wearing this is gonna be a good time.”

JCProm with Johnny WujekJCPenney

The partnership was sort of a full-circle moment for Wujek, who not only shopped at JCPenney as a teen, but also had a relative work for the company. And a friend brought the two together for this exciting chapter in Wujek’s life.

“The universe, it brought us together through a woman I had been friends with who’s a manufacturer. I told her my idea. She’s like this could be right up JCPenney’s alley. JCPenney was my first taste of department store fashion and glamour,” he told The Blast.

“I had an Aunt Mary who worked there, and she would for every birthday, communion, graduation, Christmas, we would get JCPenney gifts and so when it came about for us to connect, I thought oh my God, JCPenney that would be so cool because of my history back in Michigan being my fashion outlet and now we can collaborate on this together. And also, I’ve always wanted it to be something that’s accessible, affordable, attainable, so a JCPenney is across the country and it just made sense. When we finally connected and signed the deal on my birthday, I was like, okay this is gonna be magical. I cannot wait.” 

As for prom styles, Wujek advises teens to “go all in” because it’s such a big, exciting event for high schoolers. 

“It’s like your Oscars, your Grammys. It’s a celebration of your peers of four years of high school, accomplishing you’re graduating. It’s celebrating this big event. It’s such a fun thing to get dressed up for,” he said. “I just think that it’s an opportunity. When do you get that? This is your night. I say go all in. Think of it as a red-carpet Oscar event. Nothing is never enough. It’s a moment. Embrace it and go for it.” 

Johnny Wujek Hasn’t Looked Back Since Diving Into The World Of Fashion!

Johnny Wujek for JCPenneyJCPenney

When Wujek moved to LA, he tiptoed right into the world of styling. After meeting Katy Perry one night at a party and the two hitting it off, he began doing costume design and major red-carpet events and getting recognition. That’s when he dove right into the fashion world and hasn’t looked back since. 

And since that time, Wujek has worked with many amazing clients and can share many interesting stories, but one particular experience stands out for him.

“This is so funny, being from Michigan, but I grew up watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and Vanna was an icon to me. I was always like, she’s so glamorous. When I did Katy for the Super Bowl, I was interviewed and they asked me who would I want to dress and it was Vanna White,” he said. “Like two days later, Vanna White’s team reached out to my agent and said Vanna would love for Johnny to dress her for a week.”

Wujek recalls that he got to go to the show and got his name on the board. That experience quickly became a favorite memorable moment for him. 

As for future endeavors, Wujek would love to one day direct a film. He said he was close to doing just that but then the writers’ and actors’ strike happened. And then the JCPenney collab happened, so maybe one day he will get to add director to his resume. 

JCProm with Johnny WujekJCPenney

Another exciting part of the JCPenney partnership is the chance to give back to the community.

“I’m really stoked it’s happening,” he said. “When I first started talking to JCPenney I said I really wanted to give back.”

And give back, they will! The retailer will be donating $250,000 to five schools to throw and unforgettable prom. 

“We used all the associates at JCPenney to nominate different schools that give back to the community,” he explained. “It’s been amazing the response we’ve gotten.” 

Schools will be notified if they are one of the five chosen on March 8.