Chloe Veitch Opens Up About Her Journey To Sobriety

Chloe Veitch Opens Up About Her Journey To Sobriety

Model Chloe Veitch is ready to use her voice to influence her fans in a positive way.

The reality star has appeared on the Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” and “Perfect Match.” Although she hasn’t found a love match just yet, the 24-year-old model did find millions of followers who are ready to support her as she opens up on her journey to sobriety.

Netflix Reality Star Chloe Veitch Wants To Use Her Influence To Destigmatize Sobriety And Mental Health

On Thursday afternoon, Chloe took to Instagram to share her new interview with Wondermind, which features the British model openly talking about her struggles with sobriety and ADHD.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Chloe said that “Having 2 million of you guys on here has really pushed me to be more vulnerable on who I am as a person and what led me to this point in my career and life, it’s really important that I influence the right things, the IMPORTANT things, I really want to try and destigmatise sobriety and mental health.”

Chloe Veitch in front of a microphoneInstagram | Chloe Veitch

“Share my voice with you guys and use my platform for good! & most importantly open up to you guys about my journey being sober, my ADHD diagnosis and all my advice I would give to anyone battling any of the above through my own journey,” she continued. “You are not alone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if I can inspire someone or help someone by writing this then my heart is full.”

Her “Perfect Match” costar Joey Sasso commented, “I am just so proud of you for all of the progress you have made and how far you have come. I love you and cannot wait to see you continue to thrive and be the best version of yourself. You have and will continue to inspire so many.”

Chloe Reveals What It Was Like Being Sober While Filming ‘Perfect Match’

Cast Of Perfect MatchInstagram | Izzy Fairthorne

Although there were plenty of tequila shots in “Perfect Match,” Chloe has chosen to give up alcohol. She discussed how difficult it can be sober when surrounded by alcohol in an interview with Wondermind that was also published on Thursday.

“I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it is really hard to be around how much alcohol there is when you film a show. Perfect Match, there wasn’t a limit as such,” she explained. “So, at certain points in the day, I had to take myself for a little breather. Or if I was experiencing a confrontation with someone that was really drunk but I was sober and I couldn’t make sense out of them, I would just walk off and go talk to a member of the production.”

Chloe Veitch snaps a selfieInstagram | Chloe Veitch

She revealed that one of the men who worked in the production had actually been sober for fifteen years and had experienced many of the struggles that she was facing. “That really helped, just asking for help or five minutes time out just to center myself,” Chloe said.

However, Chloe is actually glad that she was sober while filming “Perfect Match” because it lets her feel like she has “more control” over her emotions. “I’m not sloppy. I’m not going to make as big a mistake as what I would do if I was drinking anyway,” she explained.

Chloe Veitch snaps a selfieInstagram | Chloe Veitch

“Knowing the impact and the ripple effect that I will create by being sober on such a widespread Netflix show, to other people that are either trying to get sober or are sober that are struggling or people that have got a problem with addiction, it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what color you are, what sexuality you have,” she continued.

“Addiction doesn’t discriminate. … Me and my dad created a charity called Stand Recovery Centre a couple of years ago. We’re currently fundraising to get money for a housing association to home people that are suffering from alcoholism and addiction and build their self-esteem up and help them combat their addiction, to reconnect them with their families, and take them off the street.”

Chloe Veitch at the arcadeInstagram | Chloe Veitch

Fans can find out more information about their charity, the Stand Recovery Centre, by visiting their website.