Chris Pratt Threw Nothing But Shade After Tony Hawk And The Property Brothers Trolled Him With A Garfield Stuffed Animal

Chris Pratt Threw Nothing But Shade After Tony Hawk And The Property Brothers Trolled Him With A Garfield Stuffed Animal

The worlds of skateboarding, real estate renovations, and Hollywood collided this week when Tony Hawk and the Property Brothers, Drew, and Jonathan Scott, engaged in some playful banter with actor Chris Pratt across social media. Not one to be outdone, Pratt had nothing but shade for the trio after they trolled him and his upcoming 2024 movie release with a Garfield stuffed animal that had seen better days.

The shenanigans began when the Scott brothers posted a video on Instagram, which you can see below, showcasing the somewhat worse-for-wear vintage plush toy of the character. As mentioned, that move was a not-so-subtle nod to the upcoming Garfield animated feature, which Chris Pratt is lending his voice to. The caption read: "Hey, @prattprattpratt…I guess [Tony Hawk], [Drew Scott] and my timing was perfect to find this OG [Garfield] in the back of a buddy’s garage. Though this one is a little creepier ???? Looking forward to seeing the new Garfield Movie!" Check out the footage for yourself:

The post quickly gathered likes and comments, sparking the Super Mario Bros. Movie star, known for his quick wit and good humor, to respond. Taking to his Instagram stories, the Parks and Recreation vet shared a screenshot of the Scott brothers’ post involving Tony Hawk with his own caption layered on top. He wrote: 

Yo. That ain't Garfield. Don't let ANYONE sleep with that thing, let alone a kid. I don't know what house you found that in, but it's haunted fo sho. Looks like Barf-filed... All I know is I dont trust him. Allergic to lasagna. That's Garfield's cousin Coolidge. That ain't even a cat.

Okay, seriously, I agree with Chris Pratt. That stuffed toy is straight nightmare fuel. The playful exchange, which you can see the Passenger actor's side of below, is funny but also acts as a subtle but effective promotional push for Pratt’s role in the new kid-friendly movie, which I’m sure the whole family will love.

Pratt responds to the Property Brother's shade

(Image credit: Chris Pratt)

Thanks to the the Garfield Movie trailer, we know a few things about Sony’s new take on the lazy feline. For example, besides the Lego Movie veteran, the comic strip adaptation's ensemble cast includes voicals from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Waddingham, Cecily Strong, Ving Rhames, Snoop Dogg and so many more. The preview suggests a blend of heartfelt moments, humor and a generous helping of lasagna.

One particularly charming scene from the trailer features Jon Arbuckle's initial meeting with the lasagna-loving kitten. This introduction is heartwarming and humorously flips the script on pet adoption, with Garfield quipping, “That’s how I adopted Jon.” It’s clear why fans, including the Property Brothers, eagerly anticipate this film. The combination of a strong cast, emotional depth, and humor appears to set the stage for a memorable addition to the Garfield saga, and considering it has been some time since the fat cat has been in a movie of his own, I think it's about time he returns to the big screen. 

As The Garfield Movie's May 30th release date approaches, you can expect more details about the film to emerge. In the meantime, it's the perfect opportunity to revisit our look back at the previous Garfield movies and specials. And, of course, keep checking social media to see if more playful shade is thrown by Chris Pratt or anyone else.