Could Station 19 Be Picked Up By A Streaming Service After Getting Canceled? What The Showrunners Say

Could Station 19 Be Picked Up By A Streaming Service After Getting Canceled? What The Showrunners Say

It may feel like Station 19 only just kicked off its seventh season on ABC, but somehow we’re already halfway through the 10-episode order. That means when the firefighter drama returns from a short hiatus, we’ll be on a countdown to the end. Or will we? Fans continue to hold out hope that Station 19 might be saved by another network or streaming service after ABC announced its cancellation at the end of Season 7. Netflix would seemingly be a good place for the series to land, and showrunners Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige definitely have thoughts about that.

Netflix has a history of saving canceled shows, picking up series including Manifest, Girls5eva and You and developing new seasons for fans with a Netflix subscription. That, in addition to the fact that the streamer has a working relationship with Grey’s Anatomy creator and Station 19 executive producer Shonda Rhimes, has fans hopeful that the fire might not be put out on the Seattle spinoff we’ve come to love so much. So have the showrunners gotten any indication that those talks are happening? Zoanne Clack tells TV Line

They don’t tell us anything. We’ll happily go wherever it goes.

Zoanne Clack apparently hasn’t been made privy to any conversations about extending Station 19’s run, though she does sound like she’d jump at the chance to have the series taken off the list of 2024 TV cancellations. Fellow showrunner Peter Paige emphasized her enthusiasm, saying: 

We would happily, happily, happily do another season if there were an opportunity to do it.

So just in case there was any question about whether or not Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack would be willing to stick around following the presumed Station 19 series finale, both of them have stated their commitment to the show, should it be saved by Netflix (or anyone else) and renewed for an eighth season.

This makes sense, as I can’t imagine the disappointment they must have felt over the series’ cancellation before any of their episodes had even aired. Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige took over showrunning duties from Krista Vernoff, who exited Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 following their 2023 seasons. Clack worked on Grey’s Anatomy as a story editor, writer and producer from the very first episode before joining its spinoff in 2022.

Peter Paige, meanwhile, started working with Station 19 in Season 4 when he directed an episode, and he felt like he was a great fit for the showrunner gig, given his background on series including The Fosters and Good Trouble.

The team has remained mum on any post-Season 7 plans, including whether or not Ben Warren and Carina DeLuca will return to Grey’s Anatomy, where they originated. Their focus may well be on creating the best final episodes possible, and while they appreciate fans for the petition, billboards and letters, Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack emphasized that they need the ratings too, so keep watching, Station 19 fans.

Attracting those eyeballs has been another factor in the show’s seventh season, as 9-1-1 took over the 8 p.m. ET timeslot when it jumped from Fox to ABC. Now Station 19 airs after Grey’s Anatomy at a much-less-desirable 10 p.m. ET. The show is on a short hiatus for now, but new episodes — the last five if Shonda Rhimes or someone else doesn’t jump in — resume Thursday, May 2, on ABC, with all episodes available to stream with a Hulu subscription