‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Show Support For Tyra Banks

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Show Support For Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is known for many things; her outstanding career as a model, host of the modeling reality show America’s Next Top Model, and most recently as host of the famous dancing competition, Dancing With the Stars.

Her work as host of Dancing with The Stars has recently put her under a lot of heat. Many of the viewers and fans of the show have expressed discontent with how Banks has run the show, and many have pushed for her to be replaced.

However, some still support the supermodel, and they showed this support in the comments under her most recent Instagram post. They came together to show solidarity with Banks as she shared some wisdom and advice that she intends to implement in her life in 2022.

Some Fans Heavily Criticized Tyra Banks

When it was announced in 2019 that Banks was to take over as host of Dancing with the Stars from original host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrew, there were a lot of mixed reactions. She assumed the role of the host and of the show’s executive producer.

Now, a few years down the line, the show hasn’t exactly gone on the path that most fans were hoping for. It witnessed a decline in ratings and had some pretty negative reactions on social media.

Most of the show’s fans blamed Banks for this and outlined some of her actions that they see as highly unsatisfactory. These included her constant talking over judges, her attempts to make the show all about herself and into her own runway, and not allowing eliminated celebrity competitors the opportunity to say goodbye to viewers, amongst others.

Many fans also pushed for several changes they believe producers should make to the show before the new season is released. They suggested that Banks’ screen time take a drastic cut, pro numbers should be reintroduced, and that the winner be announced before credits begin to roll.

Banks Shared An Instagram Post That Resonated With Her Fans

Banks recently made a post on her Instagram page which she captioned, “Reach your dreams. It’s a new year. It’s a new you. You got this.” She also encouraged her followers to repeat the statement three times and motivate themselves.

The post also included a picture with a message which read, “You got beauty, got booty. You got brains.” Many of her fans and supporters reacted positively to the post with supportive comments.

One follower said, “Tell ’em again!” while another wrote, “That’s what’s up Tyra dreaming is half the battle finishing it is the reward.” Another comment read, “Mantra 2022 and beyond. More girls need to hype themselves up. And also cheer on their friends.”

Fans Suggestions To Replace Banks

Many Dancing With The Stars fans have dedicated a lot of time discussing what they see as Banks’ shortcomings. Some even had a Reddit thread dedicated to the show where members were asked to suggest other people who would do a better job than Banks.

They shortlisted former dancers and celebrities who they thought would be good hosts and who would liven up the ballroom and return the show to its former glory. One of the comments read, “Louis Van Amstel should take Derek’s spot. Derek and Karina Smirnoff should host. She was such a fireball. Her first season was hilarious.”

Another read, “The host needs to be someone from the show, whether a past contestant who went far or is likable or some former pro. Her outlandish dresses distract from what we want to see, the pros and their partners. She cannot time things correctly; she’s constantly going overtime, rushing the judges, and saying stupid stuff.”

More suggestions included previous fan favorites and celebrities such as Carrie Ann, Mario Lopez, Joey Fatone, and Leah Remini, whom a fan complimented and said, “I thought Leah Remini was pretty good when she filled in as a guest host. She was great as a competitor.”

When Will Dancing With The Stars Return?

Despite how popular the series is, Dancing with the Stars still hasn’t been renewed for its season 31. However, there is still hope for fans as ABC is yet to announce its schedule for Fall 2022. This means that there is a high chance it will feature in the fall schedule.

As for when ABC will finally release their schedule, announce whether fan-favorite series will be renewed, and announce new shows, that isn’t clear too. They traditionally announce them closer to Spring, so that is something for fans of Dancing with the Stars to wait for while their favorite show is on hiatus.