Days After Bam Margera’s Latest Alarming Social Media Post, His Brother Is Asking The Public To Help Find Him

Days After Bam Margera’s Latest Alarming Social Media Post, His Brother Is Asking The Public To Help Find Him

Bam Margera has solidified himself as something of a pop culture staple due to his status as one of the original members of MTV’s beloved stunt show, Jackass. That’s one of the reasons why some have likely been sad to see him experience so many personal issues in recent years. As of late, Margera has been struggling to stay sober and is currently engaged in divorce proceedings with his ex, Nikki Boyd. Just a few days ago, the stuntman posted an alarming social media video in which he discussed his drinking problem and blamed his wife’s family for it. (Boyd’s lawyer later responded.) Now, Margera’s brother is speaking out, as he’s hoping that the public will help him locate the 43-year-old star.

Jess Margera is one of several people who’s been attempting to look out for Bam’s well-being as of late. Based on a message he shared to Twitter early Sunday, it would appear that Jess has no idea where his brother is right now. The CKY drummer was direct when reaching out to fans for help on social media. And per the post, it’s urgent that he locate Bam as quickly as possible: 

If anyone in the LA area knows of bams current whereabouts or a hotel he might be at please call the LAPD immediately. I am trying to get them to ping his phone but as usual it’s a whole huge process and I don’t think we have that kind of time. If you guys could all retweet this that would be really cool of you. Thanks for your help

It’s unfortunate to say, but this is far from the first time that Bam Margera has gone missing during the past year or so. He vanished following a rehab stint in Florida back in June 2022 and was found soon after and returned to the facility. Margera then went missing again less than two weeks later and, after nearly a week, he returned to the rehabilitation center. Most recently, the reality TV star disappeared in April, though he later turned himself in. There are still plenty of questions surrounding this latest retreat, though a social media post captured by TMZ placed him in Pennsylvania, and sources claimed he was about to make his way to L.A.

Jess Margera posted about his brother in April, when he got candid about his alleged meth addiction. Per the older Margera sibling, Bam “really is the sweetest guy when he isn’t messed up” and, due to the supposed drug habit, “[he’s] unrecognizable.” Jess also stressed that he doesn’t know what his little brother is “capable of” at this point. Their mother, April, spoke out around that same time, saying that Bam’s family members love him and “are not against him" but "just want to try to get him help."

At present, Bam Margera’s relationship with his co-stars also appears to be strained. Steve-O attempted to help him stay sober by taking him on tour, but to no avail. The stuntman and author later penned an emotional message to his longtime buddy. Margera also still seems to have beef with Johnny Knoxville following the Jackass Forever lawsuit. Via a social media post, he even went so far as to challenge Knoxville to a fight

It goes without saying that this is an incredibly sad situation for the Margera family, and one can only hope that the star is found safely and quickly. Based on the comments of Jess’ message, a number of fans are lending support and sending well wishes. And honestly, that’s probably the best we can all do at this particular juncture.