Deadpool Creator Says Fox Knows Who Leaked The Infamous Footage, And I’m Still Dying To Know

Deadpool Creator Says Fox Knows Who Leaked The Infamous Footage, And I’m Still Dying To Know

As Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been warding off Deadpool 3 leaks in their own on-brand ways as they shoot the summer blockbuster on the 2024 movie schedule, it’s pretty wild to think about how far the franchise has come since its humble beginnings. Remember when a Deadpool movie was all but a pipe dream before leaked Deadpool test footage changed the superhero’s big-screen fate? Well, it’s been nearly a decade since that video went viral, and the comic book character’s creator apparently knows some top-secret information about where it came from. 

Even though it was back in 2014 when the Deadpool footage was leaked leading 20th Century Fox to give Ryan Reynolds and his other collaborators the thumbs up to make the movie, we still don’t know who put out the infamous footage (which is still available to enjoy on YouTube). However, Rob Liefeld does. Per the creator of Deadpool’s words: 

Fox knows who leaked that [Deadpool] footage! They know who leaked that footage. They don't not know, okay? But I'm not going to be the one [to say].

Well, well, well. As Rob Liefeld told ComicBook, the studio behind the Deadpool movies reportedly knows exactly who leaked the test footage, and he knows who it was too, but he refused to name names. This information honestly only makes me more curious about the matter. If Fox and Liefeld know and aren’t telling anyone, there’s a story there. 

It doesn’t sound like anyone is going to talk anytime soon about it. However, the recent comments from Rob Liefeld do remind me of the massive journey Ryan Reynolds went on with this anti-hero just to get it on the big screen long before we could casually just say, ‘Oh, yeah Deadpool 3 is being filmed.’ It goes all the way back to 2004 when it was first announced that Deadpool was being developed with Reynolds. 

However, it wasn’t until years later, reportedly the weekend Green Lantern came out, when Reynolds and Tim Miller produced the test footage, which was then rejected by the studio. Three years after that, when the test footage was leaked online and was met with overwhelming support from Marvel fans, 20th Century Fox changed their tune and gave the filmmakers the green light to make the 2016 hit. 

Pretty wild, right? While I’m still dying to know who the heck saved Deadpool’s skin and leaked that test footage, I guess what’s most important is the success story it produced. For the time being, we get to anticipate a team-up movie between Deadpool and Wolverine next year, partly because of that test footage! Right now, Deadpool 3 is so anticipated that Reynolds has been creating his own bonkers leaks to sway people away from what has been seen on set as the movie recently resumed shooting. No matter what, you can’t deny Deadpool has gone on quite the journey!