Diddy’s Sexual Assault Accuser Must Reportedly Come Out Of The Shadows

Diddy’s Sexual Assault Accuser Must Reportedly Come Out Of The Shadows

The identity of the Jane Doe, who accused Diddy and two other men of gang rape, may finally be revealed.

According to reports, the woman can no longer remain a mystery in the assault proceedings per a judge’s order. However, she will only be named if the embattled Hip-hop icon fails to get the lawsuit dismissed.

Diddy’s Fifth Sexual Assault Accuser Is On The Verge Of Being Exposed

The news of Jane Doe’s identity issue recently broke after a legal umpire ruled that she could not proceed in the assault case as an anonymous party. 

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The alleged gang rape culprits argued that it was unfair for their accusers to remain anonymous while they would suffer prejudice with their identities being widely reported. It seems they convinced the judge with their plea, and now, the public may get to know the woman behind Jane Doe.

According to the court documents, the accuser’s identity will only be revealed if the sexual assault lawsuit proceeds. Diddy and his legal team are actively working to get the case thrown out of court, but it remains unclear if their efforts will be successful.

Jane Doe filed the sexual assault lawsuit against the record producer last December, claiming he and two co-conspirators gang-raped her when she was only 17 years old. She is the fifth woman to accuse Diddy of terrifying behavior; however, he vehemently denied the claims.

Diddy Broke His Silence About The Gang Rape Allegations In A Heated Response

The judge’s order for Jane Doe’s identity reveal comes at the heels of Diddy’s response to her assault allegations. He broke his silence about the case in legal documents, denying any part in the gang rape narrative.

Through his lawyer, the “Coming Home” rapper stressed that he “never participated in, witnessed, or was or is presently aware of any misconduct, sexual or otherwise, relating to Plaintiff in any circumstance whatsoever.”

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Because of his innocence stance, Diddy refused to honor Jane Doe’s request for relief over the alleged incident. He dropped ten points in his defense, with the first stating the woman failed to prove a claim upon which relief could be granted.

Another argument noted the woman’s complaint did not “satisfy all or some of the required elements of her claim under the Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law (VGM).” Her allegations were described as “unconstitutional” because it has “prejudiced” Diddy. The statement read:

“Plaintiff’s decision to wait more than two decades to file her complaint has prejudiced Defendant, as he has lost the ability to defend himself fully and fairly in this action. For example, some or all evidence that otherwise would have been available if the action had been promptly commenced may be unavailable, lost, or compromised.”

“Allowing this action to proceed violates Defendant’s rights under the U.S. Constitution and the New York State Constitution,” the document continued, noting that Diddy had been robbed of valuable evidence and witnesses due to the substantial passage of time.

Diddy asked for a jury trial to settle the case. His additional requests included dismissing the complaint with prejudice in all respects, the coverage of attorney’s fees and other costs, plus any relief the court deems necessary.