Disney+ Sets Latest Korean Series ‘Low Life’ From ‘Big Bet’ Creator, Hulu On Board

Disney+ Sets Latest Korean Series ‘Low Life’ From ‘Big Bet’ Creator, Hulu On Board

Two months after revealing its Korean slate for 2024, Disney+ has unveiled another series from the country. Titled Low Life, the show will premiere on the platform next year and Hulu in the U.S.

The series will star veteran actor Ryu Seungryong (Moving) and Yang Sejong (Doona!). Set in 1970s Korea, the story follows a fisherman as he discovers a treasure lost for generations at the bottom of the ocean. Taking a small part of it home for himself, word soon begins to spread about the vast fortune waiting to be claimed by those brave enough to risk the depths. Desperate to escape his depressing life, Oh Heedong (Yang) partners with his uncle Oh Gwanseok (Ryu) in an attempt to reach the treasure before the rest of the world.

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This title is part of Disney+ strategic push in Asia Pacific to develop original content in Korea. The streamer has been prioritizing the territory along with Japan, while cutting back on original production in Southeast Asia.

Low Life is written and directed by Big Bet creator Kang Yunsung. Big Bet was one of Disney+’s Korean tentpoles in 2022, while Kang has also clinched several major theatrical successes with his Roundup franchise films including The Outlaws (2017), The Roundup (2022) and The Roundup: No Way Out (2023). Another sequel, The Roundup: Punishment, will release theatrically in South Korea on April 24 as well as in North American and the UK on May 3.

Low Life will release on Disney+ internationally and Hulu in the United States in 2025.