Disneyland Resort Is Being Sued After A Guest Was Allegedly Injured By Goofy

Disneyland Resort Is Being Sued After A Guest Was Allegedly Injured By Goofy

For many, interacting with characters at Disney Parks is one of the moments that make places like Disneyland and Walt Disney World truly magical. For years being able to get up close to characters was impossible, and when fans were able to hug characters again people cried. And yet, one interaction with a character reportedly got a little too up close for one guest, who is now suing Disneyland Resort for injuries she claimed came when Goofy collided with her.

SF Gate reports that a lawsuit was filed in Orange County Superior Court in late March that names Disneyland Resort, and two specific Disneyland cast members, by a woman named Katrina Griffith. According to the suit, Griffith was at Disney California Adventure on April 3, 2022, when she was bent down to tie her shoe. While hunched over, a Disney Cast Member dressed as Goofy allegedly collided with her, and fell on top of her, resulting in what the suit calls “severe, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent” injuries which required medical attention.

In addition to the resort, the lawsuit names the Cast Member who was dressed as Goofy, as well as the handler who was accompanying the performer, who the suit claims failed to prevent the collision. Costumed characters frequently, though not always, have other characters with them to help them navigate guests while dressed in the massive costumes. We know costumed characters can crash into things as visibility in the outfits isn't always great. The lawsuit requests a jury trial and asks for damages to cover medical expenses and loss of income. 

It’s unfortunately not that uncommon to see lawsuits of this nature filed against not only Disney Parks, but theme parks in general. Anyplace where large numbers of people tend to be, there are going to be incidents where people are injured to varying degrees. A lawsuit was just filed against Universal Studios Hollywood by guests who got stuck on a Harry Potter ride, and allegedly received permanent injuries as a result. Disneyland and Disney World have both seen their share of lawsuits due to injuries allegedly sustained in the parks.

There have been a handful of cases where injuries allegedly sustained at theme parks have been significantly more severe. Universal Orlando Resort was sued after a man’s experience on a Volcano Bay water slide reportedly led to paralysis. Disneyland was previously sued after an elderly woman’s injury on the Jungle Cruise allegedly led to her death.

Personal injury lawsuits against theme parks rarely make it to trial, so there’s a pretty good chance we won’t hear about this case again. It will likely be settled or the lawsuit will be dropped.