Doja Cat Forges Ahead With Boob Job Despite Fans’ Disapproval: ‘Bedazzled’

Doja Cat Forges Ahead With Boob Job Despite Fans’ Disapproval: ‘Bedazzled’

Doja Cat has a new body!

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, internationally recognized by her stage persona, is an artist as unique as her birth name. From her renowned talents as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer to her eccentric performances, the 27-year-old is a multi-hyphenate wonder.

When the Los Angeles beauty is not dominating the charts with her hit songs, she enjoys giving fashion critics a migraine with her wild styles. Outside the industry, the “Woman” songstress entertains fans on social media platforms.

Keep reading for the caramel-toned heartthrob’s latest update!

Doja Cat Shares Surprising News About Her Recent Trip Under The Knife

Doja cat wears a Blue leather outfit with a bunch of Dark Colored Grapes in her hand at Jean Paul Gaultier in ParisMEGA

Never far from causing a stir on Twitter, the hip-hop sensation recently updated fans about her plastic surgery journey. The Grammy winner previously teased fans about her plans to modify her body, and although some were against it, the entertainer did not care.

In a series of tweets, the Billboard chart-topper announced that she had joined the ever-growing list of celebrities to have cosmetic surgery. “Got my titties done and my clit bedazzled,” the 27-year-old announced to her 5.5 million followers.

The “Need to Know” singer’s post gained several responses as fans wanted to know more about the media personality’s modifications. When a concerned individual asked the Los Angeles native about her health, Doja answered, “Four days into recovery rn.”

In a subsequent tweet, the five-time AMA honoree opened up about her procedures and healing process. “Feels ok,” the artist confessed. “I got lipo, so my thighs hurt a lot if I move too much, but I’m healing really fast.”

Like the “Say So” songstress, her admirers have quirky personalities as many cracked jokes about her surgery. One individual went as far as asking the Pop idol to compare her pain to the Illuminati. “How’s the pain? Illuminati or Illuminati,” the fan penned, prompting the caramel-toned beauty to respond with a similar joke. “Nah, it’s more Illuminati than Illuminati,” Doja tweeted.

During the Twitter Q&A session, an inquisitive person wanted to know more about Doja’s breast augmentation. “Big boobies or what?” the individual asked, causing the “Get Into It” musician to reveal her new cup size as “32C.”

The three-time VMA winner appeared pleased with her cosmetic procedure as she happily gushed about her body in another tweet. “Wish i could suck my own titties. That’s how good they look rn god damn,” the 27-year-old wrote.

A fan continued the Q&A segment underneath this post by asking about the media personality’s healing journey. “How much longer do you have left to heal? Like how long does that take?” the individual wondered.

“Probably 3 months total,” the Los Angeles native revealed. Following this tweet, several fans wished the entertainer a speedy recovery, while others implored the record producer to drop snaps of her new body.

In November, the showstopper graced the cover of “Dazed Magazine’s” 2022 Winter Issue, where she was stunned in various risqué outfits. During her heart-to-heart cover story, the BET Award nominee opened up about cosmetic surgery.

The “Go To Town” singer noted that she was not against body modifications but wished her fans would appreciate their natural bodies and understand that cosmetic surgery did not change who they were.

When a fansite shared a snippet of this interview on Twitter, someone wished the media personality not to dabble in body modifications. In response, Doja revealed her plans to get surgery, and the individual threatened to stop being her devotee. However, the entertainer noted that she “didn’t give a f**k.”

The BMI Pop Award Winner Teased Fans About Having A Foot Fetish 

Last month, The Blast reported that the caramel-toned beauty caused another ruckus when she shared a salacious message on Twitter. The 27-year-old invited fans to come over and “f**k her foot,” changing her profile’s header picture to a shot of her appendage.

Following the announcement, the songstress’s admirers shared mixed reactions to the offer. Many seemed interested in the sexual opportunity, while others showed concern for Doja’s well-being.

One fan asked if the proposal was for only one foot, while another wondered if they could do the act “raw” or use socks. Others jumped on the offer while adding terms of their own.

Someone wanted the “Won’t Bite” artist to pay for their meal before they satisfied her needs, while another individual asked for a “Nice Cuban” after the deed. Meanwhile, a few wondered what was wrong with Doja and implored the entertainer to get professional help.